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Why do we need Internet of Things?

Here, I'm going to tell you about its usefulness -

    Provides best possible feedback for your physical and mental health.
    Provides best possible resource allocation in real-time monitoring.
    Provides best possible decision making in Mobility Patterns.
    It provides the best possible connection to local providers whose potential is global potential.

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What are the main Opportunities and Benefits of IoT?

IoT provides us such opportunities to enable us to work more efficiently so that we can save our time, and with it also money. Our work can be done easily.

Internet of Things helps us solve issues of our daily life - such as finding a parking space for your car in a busy area, linking your home entertainment system and checking the fridge's webcam that we need more milk or not.

Know here: Example of Internet of Things

With this IoT gives us many advantages such as industrially:

1. Having Unprecedented Connectivity: With the help of IoT's data and insights, industry knows what kind of devices they want their customers and what kind of service they can provide even better innovative new products, with that You will be able to provide better services than your competitors.

Increased Efficiency: As we know, IoT networks are very smart and intelligent that provide real-time data arm employees, which also include information from day to day efficiency and productivity. could be optimized.

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3. Cost Savings: IoT devices provide very accurate data and provide automated workflows to the organization so that they can minimize their operating costs and errors.

4. Time Savings: With the connectivity of smart devices, they help in enhancing the system and processes of different organizations which save them a lot of time.

Which devices can be part of IoT?

Its a very easy answer that anyone can connect with whom they can connect.

Any device, if there is a switch on and off then there are chances that they can become part of IoT. Generally speaking, it has been seen that the connected devices have an IP address with a tone. Being with Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), assigning an IP address in those devices has become very easy. Because with its help can be connected with countless devices.

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Things you can connect to with internet:

  1.     Connected Wearables - Smartwatches, Smart Glasses, fitness bands etc.
  2.     Connected Homes - This includes tools that we use at home.
  3.     Connected Cars - vehicles that can connect with the internet.
  4.     Connected Cities - smart meters which can be easily analyzed by the use of water, gas, electricity

Which we can say Operationally, such as networks within which the tools of Internet of things can be easily connected -

  1.     BAN (body area network): wearables,
  2.     LAN (local area network): smart home,
  3.     WAN (wide area network): connected car, and
  4.     VWAN (very wide area network): the smart city.
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The key to this flow is that the data here can be controlled.
Specifically, Google is offering a glass and lens that synchronizes your heath data with NEST and Google Car which tracks your location throughout the city. The idea behind all this is that you never have to leave Google Cloud and its services. Your products have only gateways to link with networks.

Example of Internet of Things

To understand this concept better, let's take an example of this, so that you can understand it in a better way.

Example of Internet of Things. Imagine that you are lying on your couch in the morning and you have come to sleep.

In this case, the stealth sensors in your hands seem somewhat unusual in your heartrate, the mother-in-law grows, your behavior changes greatly. Therefore, instead of lifting you slowly, these machines start vibrating with big swords so that they can attract your attention to them. Your sleep breaks down in this and you try to straighten your body by holding your chest. In this you do not know what is going on with you and you move towards your phone.

As you open the screen of the mobile, you see a message on it, which says that your blood pressure has increased and it also advises you to take two aspirin. Not only this, but it also records all your signals and sends them to your doctor.

In the hospital there doctors are evaluating your data and after observation they feel that you should come to the hospital immediately and for that they electronically send an emergency medical team, who have all the data of your health condition And also the address of your home. As soon as they are near your home, you also get a message of their arrival. Immediately they take you to be hospitalized.

In the morning when the doctor comes to you, you give a happy news that your health is better now and you no longer have any need to worry. You had a severe heart attack but due to treatment in time a big problem was already stopped.

Now you must have understood how Internet of Things can make our life better.

What is Internet of Things and How Does It Work?

All about "Internet of Things"

The full form of IoT is Internet of Things. It is a concept that tells you how it will be if all things in the world (physical objects) are brought in daily usage if you are connected to the internet. In this Internet of Things, all connected devices can identify each other, which is connected to the Internet.

If it is easy to say in a language, then it is a concept in which all the devices that go on or off switch can be connected to the Internet, or can connect with each other. These devices include things being used in all daily such as cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, all wearable devices and everything you can think about.

In an even easier language - Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where things can communicate with each other or talk with other devices.

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Top 3 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo [2018]

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