How to send free SMS from Android mobile phone?

Send Free SMS from your Android Mobile Phone

If you are finding to send free SMS from your android phone, then your search is completed.
Here is a software for such people who are searching to send free SMS from their android phone.
Instavoice is one from them.
This apk android software can allow you to access direct to your contact list and send so many SMS free with the help of internet connection.

To download this application from your android phone click here .

InstaVoice is the only text and voice messaging app that connects you with all your friends, even if they don’t have the app or even when they don’t use a Smartphone. Free Text and Voice Chats, Voice SMS, Missed Call Alerts and Visual Voice Mail.
InstaVoice App is the only mobile messaging app that sends you a message notification within the app when you miss a call or when you receive a voicemail.

Missed Call

If the friend calls again and does not leave a voicemail you will get a missed call notification within the InstaVoice app. To call back, long tap on the notification message and the call is placed.

Voice Mail

If a friend calls you and it goes unanswered, the caller can leave you a voicemail. You will then get a voicemail notification message within the app. Simply tap the notification to listen to the voicemail.

Chat History

The app keeps a comprehensive chat history including the names and numbers of all callers.

Enabling this Feature

That's it! From now on InstaVoice will send notifications whenever you miss a call or receive a voicemail.

With InstaVoice you can chat with everyone, including those who do not use the app or those without internet connection.

InstaVoice to Feature phone users

The app allows you to send messages (as part of your 50 free messages) to feature phone or non-Smartphone users.
You can send a message to your friend from the app

Your friend receives it as a text message. And you receive credits anytime your friend replies your message.

InstaVoice to Non InstaVoice Smartphone Users

The app also allows you to send messages (as part of your 50 free messages) to other Smartphone users who may not have the InstaVoice App.
Send a Message

Your friend will receive it as a text message

Let your voice be heard with the InstaVoice app.


Driving? Don’t try Texting.

Simply Voice


In a meeting, don’t try voicing.

Just text
With InstaVoice, you can access your messages, missed calls and voicemails from multiple devices such as your mobile phone and tablet.

One InstaVoice Account Multiple Devices

Simply download the app on all compatible devices you will like to use.
Sign in with your registered mobile number and password

Two or More InstaVoice Accounts on Multiple Devices

Download the app on all devices.
Sign up with as many InstaVoice account on as many devices

Sign in with any InstaVoice Account on any device

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