Add Loading Image on Your Webiste Before Load

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Know here to set animated loading icons or images for your websites | Simple trick to set loading image on your website
Go on your website or any types of blog like Blogger, Wordpress etc.
For Blogger click on Edit html button.
For other website owners can edit your index.html page on wordpad.
3. Then search this code : <body>
Tips : To find or search in simple and fast way you can use Ctrl+F or F3
4. Replace <body> with code below
<body onLoad='init()'>
<div id='loading' style='position:absolute; width:100%; text-align:center; top:300px;'> <img border='0' src=''/></div>


  1. in sigma blogger body tag not visible bro

  2. Sorry! I am just distributed this template. I am not owner of that blogger templates.


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