Mostly People forget to take their pen-drive on shop

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Hello friends, This is Vishal Jaiswal. we know that 80% people forget to take their pen-drive when they go to shop for printing their photos or pages. It is normal because when we go on shop our total concentration on printing the page or photos. So, we forget to take our pen-drive.
I want say a incident which was happened with my friend Shantanu Srivastava. When I was living in New Delhi with my friend Shantanu Srivastava (Room-mate). One day we are going for PSU examination and we had our admit-card for printout. When we returning from shop after printout, my friend forgot to take his pen-drive from shop. When we reached at bus-stand, I felt that we were missing something, when I asked to my friend that you had your pen-drive

After that when he checked his pen-drive in his jeans pocket. He said "Shit, I forget my pen-drive on shop". After that we ran and reached on shop and asked for our pen-drive. Finally we got his pen-drive. But one day same incident was happened and he lost his pen-drive.

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