Make Blogger SEO Effective and Responsive

Learn here to make your Blogger blog's SEO effective, responsive and users friendly

There are five steps that make your Blogger blog SEO more responsive and effective. It will increase traffics on your blog and get responsive and effective visitors on your blog.

1. Choose templates from these options:


2. Add Meta Tags and Keywords:

"Now you can index your blogger site to Google and other search engines. Here I am going to give you  code, you have to only edit and paste it on your blogger site after that after few minutes you can find your Blog site by your Keywords and Tags words."

3. Add your website on Google Search Engine:

This is very simple method to crawl your URL on Google search engine.

4. Improve your ROBOTS.TXT file:

Get Best SEO robots.txt code for Blogger, to do this you have to follow these steps on this link "setup your SEO robots.txt for Blogger"

5. Stop other people to copy your blog posts:

Protect Your Blogger Posts from stupid people who are copying your blog posts. You can control your blogger posts copy activities.

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