People are losing their real life due to social networks

Read here how people are losing their real life due to social network websites

Spending time on chatting with mobile phones
We know that social network websites and other applications in mobile phones and computer software are making distance from our neighbors and friends. We are wasting our time mostly on social network to online web friends, due to this we are getting far from our near friends and our family members. 

Always try to spend your time with your friends at meet

What you have to do?

  1. If you are wasting 8-10 hours on social apps and websites then this is very critical stage for you.
  2. You have to reduce your time on social networks slowly step by step reducing hours.
  3. It is harmful for your eyes and brain if your spending 2-more hours continuously on the front of computer.
  4. Try to communicate your friends at evening meeting or at morning time.
  5. Set a proper routine time to use social  networks.
  6. Social networks will be never harmful if you will never beyond the limitation of uses.

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