Best Books for (EE) GATE Preparation - Electrical Engineering

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GATE Preparation Books for Electrical Engineering Branch 

1.Electronic Devices & Circuits & Analog Electronics
(i)Integrated electronics : Analog and Digital Circuit and system
(ii) Microelectronic Circuits
(iii) Electronic Devices and Circuits
(iv) OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit
(v) Solid State electronic devices

(vi) Semiconductor devices

Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias Sedra & Smith
J.B. Gupta
Ramakant A.Gayakwad

Streetman and Banerjee
2.Theory of Structures/ Analysis of Structure
(i) Communication System
(ii) An introduction to Analog and Digital Communication
(iii) Communication System : Analog and Digital
(iv) Modern Digital and Analog Communication System
(v) Electronic Communication System

Simon Haykins
Simon Haykins

Singh and Sapre

B.P. Lathi

Kennedyand Davis
3.Signal and System Oppenheim and Willsky
4. Optical Fiber Communication Senior
5. Satellite Communications Pratt and Bostian
6. Monochrome and colour R.R. Gulati
7. Control System
(i) Control System Engg.
(ii) Automatic Control System
(iii) Linear Control System

I.G. Nagrath & M. Gopal B.C. Kuo
B.S. Manke
8. Electro Magnetic Theory
(i)Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics
(ii) Elements of Electromagnetics
(iii) Engineering Electromagnetics
(iv) Antenna and Wave Propagation

N. N. Rao

K.D. Prasad
9. Digital Electronics
(i) Digital Design
(ii) Digital Systems
(iii) Modern Digital Electronics

M. Morris Mano
Tocci & Widmer
R. P. Jain
10. Computer Engineering
(i) Microprocessor Architecture, Programming & Application
(ii) Computer Organization and Structure

Ramesh S. Gaonkar

11. Microwave Engineering
((i) Microwave Devices and Circuits
(ii) Microwave Engineering
(iii) Microwave Engineering

Sanjeev Gupta
12. Network Theory
(i) Networks and Systems
(ii) Engineering Circuit Analysis

D. Roy Chaudhary
13. Electrical Engineering Material science S.P. Seth
14. Measurement and Instrumentation
(i) Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation
(ii) Electronic Instrumentation

A. K. Sahney

H. S. Kalsi
15. Electrical Machine
(i) Electrical Machinery
(ii) Electrical Machines

PS Bhimra
Nagrath & Kothari
16. Power System
(i) Power System Engg.
(ii) Electric Power Systems

Nagrath & Kothari
CL Wadhwa
17. Power Electronics PS Bhimra


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