How to make your job interview successful?

14 Steps to make your job interview successful.

1. Have a very pleasant smile while entering the Interview room.
2. Greet the Interviewers.
3. Have a firm handshake.
4. Carry 2 copies of your resume.
5. Appear very confident. Try not to fumble.
6. Listen to the questions carefully. Always think through the response and structure it like a nice sales pitch.
7. Articulate clearly. Have enough pauses in between sentences.
8. Express your eagerness to learn new things.
9. Express your willingness to adapt to challenging things.
10. Never Panic.
11. It is OK to say "I DON'T KNOW"
12. Be confident and always express the urge to excel in the job
13. Be prepared to ask the right question to the Interviewer whenever you get a chance.
14. Thank the Interviewer while leaving the room

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