Encrypt USB PenDrive with Password

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is software used to encrypt the USB drive and allow you to use a password  to encrypt and  decrypt the USB. This software allow you to make a secure area in your drive and you can also protect the whole drive.

Steps To Encrypt USB Pendrive Using Wondershare.

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare USB Encryption software.
Step 2. Double click its icon to Run the Program.
Step 3. Insert your USB into your computer.
Step 4. Select your drive you want encrypt from the list of USB.
wondershare usb drive encryption
Step 5. Select the Amount of volume you want to encrypt and you can also select full amount.
wondershare usb drive encryption installing
Step 6. Click  on  Install Button.
Step 7. Enter a user name and Password for Encryption.
wondershare usb drive encryption account information
Step 8. Click OK to create secure Area.
Step 9. After progress click OK.
So these are some easiest and best way to make password protected usb pendrive. If you have any other best method to protect pendrive with password then must it with us in below given comments.

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