Electrical Machine and Control (NEE-409) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU)

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Electrical Machine and Control (NEE-409) EMAC Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU) of Mechanical Engineering (2nd Year)

Subject CodeNEE-409
BranchMechanical Engineering
Single phase Transformer: Efficiency Voltage regulation, O.C.& S.C. Tests. Three Phase Transformer: Three phase transformer connections, Auto Transformer: Volt- Amp relations, Efficiency, Advantages & Disadvantages, Applications. D.C. Motors: Concept of starting, Speed control, Losses and Efficiency (simple numericals only)
Three phase Induction Motor: Construction, Equivalent circuit, Torque equation and torque- slip
characteristics, Speed control (simple numericals only).
Alternator: Construction, e.m.f. equation, Voltage regulation and its determination by synchronous
impedance method. (simple numericals only)
Synchronous Motor (conceptual treatment only): Starting, Effect of excitation on line current (V-curves), Synchronous condenser. Servo Motor: Two phase AC and DC servo motors & their applications.
Modeling of Mechanical System: Linear mechanical elements, Force-voltage and force- current analogy, Electrical analog of simple mechanical systems; Concept of transfer function & its determination for simple systems. Control System: Open loop & closed loop controls systems; advantages and disadvantages. Signals: Unit step, Unit ramp, Unit impulse and Periodic signals with their mathematical representation and characteristics.
Time Response Analysis: Time response of a standard second order system and response specifications. Stability: Concept and types of stability, Routh Hurwitz Criterion and its application for determination of stability, Limitations (simple numerical only); Only conceptual treatment of Polar plot, Nyquist stability criterion and assessment of stability.
Root Locus Techniques: Concept of root locus, construction of root loci. Bode plot, Gain margin and
Phase margin and their determination. Process control: Introduction to P, PI and PID controllers their characteristics, representation and applications.

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