Manufacturing Science and Technology-1 (NME-402) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU)

Manufacturing Science and Technology-1 (NME-402) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU) of Mechanical Engineering (2nd Year)

Second Year - Mechanical Engineering Branch

Introduction :
Importance of manufacturing. Economic & technological considerations in manufacturing. Classification of manufacturing processes. Materials & manufacturing processes for common items.

Metal Forming Processes :
Elastic & plastic deformation, yield criteria(Mises’ and Tresca’s). Hot working versus cold working. Analysis (equilibrium equation method) of Forging process for load estimation with sliding friction, sticking friction and mixed condition for slab and disc. Work required for forging, Hand, Power, Drop

Metal Forming Processes (continued):
Analysis of Wire/strip drawing and maximum-reduction, Tube drawing, Extrusion and its application. Condition for Rolling force and power in rolling. Rolling mills & rolled-sections. Design, lubrication and defects in metal forming processes.

Sheet Metal working :
Presses and their classification, Die & punch assembly and press work methods and processes. Cutting/Punching mechanism, Blanking vs. Piercing. Compound vs. Progressive die. Flat-face vs Inclined-face punch and Load(capacity) needed. Analysis of forming process like cup/deep drawing. Bending & spring-back.

Casting (Foundry)
Basic principle & survey of casting processes. Types of patterns and allowances. Types and properties of moulding sand, sand testing. Elements of mould and design considerations, Gating, Riser, Runnes, Core. Solidification of casting,. Sand casting, defects & remedies and inspection. Cupola furnace. Die Casting, Centrifugal casting, Investment casting, Continuous casting, CO2 casting and Stir casting etc.

Unconventional Metal forming processes :
Unconventional metal forming or High Energy Rate Forming (HERF) processes such as explosive forming, electromagnetic, electro-hydraulic forming.

Powder Metallurgy :
Introduction to Powder metallurgy manufacturing process. Application and, advantages.

Jigs & Fixtures :
Locating & Clamping devices & principles. Jigs and Fixtures and its applications.

Manufacturing of Plastic components :
Review of plastics, and its past, present & future uses. Injection moulding. Extrusion of plastic section. Welding of plastics. Future of plastic & its applications. Resins & Adhesives.
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Manufacturing Science and Technology-1 (NME-402) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU) Manufacturing Science and Technology-1 (NME-402) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU) Reviewed by Er. Vishal Jaiswal on March 04, 2016 Rating: 5

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