Solid of Mechanics (NME-302) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU)

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Solid of Mechanics (NME-302) Syllabus (UPTU / AKTU) of Mechanical Engineering (2nd Year)

Subject NameMechanics of Solid
Subject CodeNME-302
BranchMechanical Engineering
Compound stress and strains: Introduction, normal stress and strain, shear stress and strain, stresses on inclines sections, strain energy, impact loads and stresses, state of plane stress, principal stress and strain, maximum shear stress, Mohr’s stress circle, three dimensional state of stress & strain, equilibrium equations, generalized Hook’s law, theories of failure

Stresses in Beams: Pure Bending, normal stresses in beams, shear stresses in beams due to transverse
and axial loads, composite beams.

Deflection of Beams: Equation of elastic curve, cantilever and simply supported beams, Macaulay’s
method, area moment method, fixed and continuous beams

Torsion: Torsion, combined bending & torsion of solid & hollow shafts, torsion of thin walled tubes

Helical and Leaf Springs: Deflection of springs by energy method, helical springs under axial load and under axial twist (respectively for circular and square cross sections) axial load and twisting moment acting simultaneously both for open and closed coiled springs, laminated springs.

Columns and Struts: Buckling and stability, slenderness ratio, combined bending and direct stress,
middle third and middle quarter rules, struts with different end conditions, Euler’s theory for pin ended columns, effect of end conditions on column buckling, Ranking Gordon formulae, examples of columns in mechanical equipments and machines.

Thin cylinders & spheres: Introduction, difference between thin walled and thick walled pressure
vessels, Thin walled spheres and cylinders, hoop and axial stresses and strain, volumetric strain.

Thick cylinders:
Radial, axial and circumferential stresses in thick cylinders subjected to internal or external pressures,
compound cylinders, stresses in rotating shaft and cylinders, stresses due to interference fits.

Curved Beams: Bending of beams with large initial curvature, position of neutral axis for rectangular, trapezoidal and circular cross sections, stress in crane hooks, stress in circular rings subjected to tension or compression.

Unsymmetrical Bending: Properties of beam cross-section, slope of neutral axis, stress and deflection in
unsymmetrical bending, determination of shear center and flexural axis (for symmetry about both axis
and about one axis) for I-section and channel section.
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