Which one is the best Blogger or Wordpress?

Learn how to start blog with Blogger or Wordpress

Hello friends, this is United college blogger, here I am going to say something about blogger.com and Wordpress CMS. First of all if we are going to be make a blog first thing is very important that if we have no any idea or knowledge of programming of web codes and scripts, then we should go with blogger.com. If we have the knowledge of programs like CSS language, HTML language, Java query language then we should go with the Wordpress. 

Which one is the famous Blogger or Wordpress?

We know that maximum famous websites are running on Wordpress. That one is the reason that for better SEO we should go with Wordpress.com. For instant crawling your website on Google search engine then blogger.com is the best platform to share your page and website. 

Best Blogger templates for your blog.

In United college blog here I am share so many blogger templates which are SEO friendly and Google search engine friendly. You can select any blogger template for your Blogspot.com domain.  After all, I want to tell that if you have any kind of problems the just tell me and write below on comment box and I am always ready to help you for all newbies and web developers.

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