[PDF] Industrial Engineering Book By S.K. Mondal

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Contents of Industrial Engineering Book

Chapter 1: Forecasting
Chapter 2: Routing, Scheduling, etc.
Chapter 3: Line Balancing
Chapter 4: Break Even Analysis
Chapter 5: PERT and CPM
Chapter 6: Inventory Control
                  ABC Analysis
                  EOQ Model
Chapter 7: Materials Requirement Planning
                  Job design
                  Job Standards
Chapter 8: Work Study
                  Motion Study and Motion Economy
                  Work Measurement (Time Study)
                  Predetermined Motion Time System
Chapter 9: Plant Layout
                  Type of Plant Layout
                  Product Layout
                  Functional Layout
                  Process Layout
                  Fixed Position Layout
                  Work Flow Diagram
                  Flow Process Chart
                  Computerized Techniques for Plant Layout
Chapter 10: Quality Analysis and Control
                  Statistical Quality Control
                  Control Chart
                  Control Chart for Variables
                  X– Chat and R – Chart
                  Control Chart for Variables
                  C – Chart and P – Chart
Chapter 11: Process Capability
                  Operation Characteristic Curve (OC Curve)
                  Sampling Plan (Single, Double, Sequential Sampling Plan)
                  Work Sampling
                  Total Quality Management (TQM)
                  Just in Time (JIT)
                  Operations Research
Chapter 12: Graphical Method
Chapter 13: Simplex Method
Chapter 14: Transportation Model
Chapter 15: Assignment Model
Chapter 16: Queuing Model
Chapter 17: Value Analysis for Cost/Value
Chapter 18: Miscellaneous
                  Wages Plan, Depreciation
                   Chart, Mass Production
                  Gantt Chart


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