20 Mar 2017

Engineering Mathematics III Book for B.Tech 2nd Year (AKTU)

Best book for Engineering Mathematics 3rd Volume Books- B.Tech second year (AKTU)

Welcome engineering students, today I am going to share some useful and effective books for your third semester/fourth semester for engineering mathematics III examinations. Every book is the best according to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) syllabus.

Engineering Mathematics third volume books (3rd/4th semester)

1. Introduction to Engineering Mathematics Volume III (H.K. Das and Dr. Rama Verma)

2. Engineering Mathematics Volume III (N.P. Bali)

3. Engineering Mathematics Volume III (C.B. Gupta, S.R. Singh, and Mukesh Kumar)

You can buy any one book for your third semester or fourth semester especially for AKTU semester.

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Engineering Mathematics III Book for B.Tech 2nd Year (AKTU)
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