Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon

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Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon, know what's special

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Facebook will soon add another new feature from Snapchat to your app. According to some reports, Facebook has been testing snapchat's popular Streak feature for several days and it can soon be included as Facebook's main feature. Earlier added to the Facebook app, the camera feature and face filter feature is very similar to Snapchat.

What is Streak Features?

In this feature, if the user is chatting with a friend, then he will see the notification of 'keep you streaking'. If you talk to your friends for about 2 consecutive days then the streak counters will continue to grow.

Engagement on Facebook will increase

The streak is a popular feature of Snapchat. Most young people spend hours in it to increase the streak. Thereby increasing the user engagement. Facebook wants to add this feature to its app while using this technology. Thereby making engagement with Streak Count on Facebook

Currently, this new feature is being tested on Facebook. Hopefully, this feature will soon be available for common users.


  1. I dont think this is a good idea. It looks like facebook wants us to do more conversation through chats.

  2. Facebook has always brought something new and has attracted the people on its website and Let's see what happens.


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