Definition of DBMS - Database Management System

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What is the definition of DBMS? 

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DBMS is the full form of database management system. The most important part of the database is DATA, which has always been an importer, whether it is to maintain the records of students in the school, employees in the office or some other side. Before the computer came in, it stored the data manually in papers, but as the computerization took place and the computer facility got the DBMS system software used to store the data.

DBMS Factors

As DBMS is the full form of the database management system, the system that manages the database. Here the database is called a collection of data which is stored in ek organized way. Database Management System is a system software that has a lot of collection of programs. With the help of DBMS, users and programmers can systematically create, modify, update or retrieve data. There is a lot of benefits to using DBMS compared to traditional computer file-based processing approaches, which are explained further.

DBMS is explained in another way, there is an interface between DBMS-users and databases, which ensures access to data in an organized manner with data consistency. There are many different types of database management systems available in today's date, which is made up of small systems which are called personal computers, from large systems to supercomputers.

A very functional database of the database manages the database engine (which can access the data) as well as the database schema (the logical structure of the database). Since the DBMS has been launched since then, it has made many updations as per today's requirement. Example of DBMS software - Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, MYSQL, IBM Informix, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, SQLite, dBase, FoxPro, Firebird etc.


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