Elements of Database

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Three important elements of database

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Data, database engine and database schema. Data processing, modification, locked operations, such as data operations, can be performed with the help of database engine. The database schema defines the logical structure of the database. These three fundamental elements of DBMS provide concurrence, security, data integrity and uniform administration procedures. On top of these, the Database Administration Tasks, which supports DBMS, is - Change Management, Performance Monitoring, Toning, Backup and Recovery. Real Life Examples of databases - library systems, banking database, flight and railway reservation systems, inventory systems etc.

Important functions of DBMS:

  1. Concurrency control system: If too many users access a database in the same time then this data is accessible.
  2. Data Storage Management: It provides mechanism for data storage.
  3. Authorization and Security: Defining Security Rules for Users Access.
  4. Backup and Recovery: Regular backup of the data is available and data recovery is required if required.
  5. Data Definition Services: DBMS accepts data definition such as external schema, internal schema, etc.


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