Bitcoin: Digital Currency - Complete Information

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What is Bitcoin? How it works? Where it is kept?

  • You have many questions in mind about Bitcoin. Thanks to internet, today's life has become easier. We are able to do everything from getting rid of all kinds of information, doing shopping, ticket booking etc with the help of internet.
  • Today, it is possible to make money with the help of internet. There are so many ways that we can earn money from the internet just sitting at home. One of the ways in which Bitcoin can make us a lot of money. Some of you will have heard about Bitcoin and who know nothing about Bitcoin today they will know through this article. Yes, today I will tell you about what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency

  • Like other currencies such as rupee, dollar, etc. Bitcoin is also a digital currency. This is very different from the other currencies because neither we can see Bitcoin nor we can touch it like money. We can store Bitcoin only in the online wallet.
  • Bitcoin invented Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and since then its popularity has been increasing. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that there is no bank or authority or government to control it, i.e. no one owns it. Anyone can use Bitcoin as if we use all the internet and there is no owner of it, just like Bitcoin is there.

Why Bitcoin is used?

  • Bitcoin can be used for online payment or any kind of transaction. Bitcoin works on peer to peer network which means that people can easily transact with each other without any bank, credit card or any company easily.
  • Bitcoin is considered to be the fastest and efficient to use in transactions. Many people are adopting Bitcoin today, such as online developers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, etc. And due to this, bitcoin is being used worldwide for global payments.

How much is Bitcoin's value?

Value of bitcoin in India.
Bitcoin's value is about $11,560 today, meaning a Bitcoin's value is Rs. 7,40,000. Its value continues to be more or less because there is no authority to control it, so its value varies according to its demand.
What is Bitcoin Wallet?
  • We can just keep Bitcoin electronically stored and require bitcoin wallet to keep it. There are many types of bitcoin wallets like desktop wallet, mobile wallet, online / web-based wallet, hardware wallet, using one of these wallet, we have to make an account in it.
  • This wallet gives us an unique id in the form of the address as if you have earned bitcoin from anywhere and you have to store it in your account, then you will need that address there and with the help of that you can give bitcoin to your keep it in wallet.
  • Apart from that, if you have to buy bitcoin or sell, then you need a bitcoin wallet and after that you can get the amount of money you get from the bitcoin that you can get in your bank account through transfer bitcoin wallet.
What are the uses of using Bitcoin?
1. There is no authority, bank or government to control bitcoin here, due to which there is considerable fluctuation in price of bitcoin, it becomes a bit risky.
2. If your account ever gets hacked then you will lose all your bitcoins and it can not be brought back to it, no one will help you in this.
What are the benefits of using Bitcoin?
1. Your transaction here is much less than the payment of fee credit card and debit card.
2. Bitcoin can send you anywhere in the world and without any hassle.
3. There is no account block of bitcoin here, as if for some reason the bank blocks our credit or debit card, then the problem is not here.
4. If you want to invest in bitcoin for long term, you can get a lot of money from it because it has been seen in the record that the price of bitcoin which is growing is going on, meet.
5. There is no government or authority in the transaction process of Bitcoin, and if you do not look at it then there are many people who use it for doing wrong work, it is a waste of time for them.
How to buy Bitcoin?
Well, there are many ways to buy bitcoin -
  •      You can buy bitcoin from your local currency.
  •      By selling or selling anything or service, you can take a bidine instead of that thing.
  •      Apart from this, you can earn Bitcoin with the help of a website or application.
  •      So the most important you can do is the bitcoin miner.
What is bitcoin miner?
  • Before knowing about the mining, let us tell you that there is a limitation of printing in every country, in the same way there is a limit to making bitcoins, and the limit is that there can not be more than 21 million bitcoins in the market. And just talk about it, there are about 13 million Bitcoin in the market, then the new bitcoin is coming through the mining.
  • What is Bitcoin Mining? Suppose you have sent some bitcoin to someone, then verify this process of sending and verifying those who are called High Miners who have High Power Computer and Verify Bitcoin Transaction from these computers.
  • What do Miners Verify? When we take a bitcoin from someone, then there is no such kind of hatred or cheating in it. On the verifying verse, they get new bitcoins as a reward. Then there are new bitcoins in the market. If you have heavy If you have computer then you can also do the mining.

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