What is display ads?

Explain Display Ads.

These are the original forms of online advertising, they are the same visual ads that appear on third party websites (usually those that have some kind of link to your content) Display ads have evolve quite a lot from their basic form.

They are coming something like this:

  1. Satic images - These are the same basic banner and square ads that appear around your content.
  2. Text - These are text ads that are made with the help of algorithms and which are related only to the surrounding content.
  3. Floating banners - These ads can float on top of the regular website's content and can also move around the screen.
  4. Wallpaper - These are mainly seen in the background of the website which cover the entire page.
  5. Popup ads - These appear in front of the website content like new windows and if any visitor clicks them, they are displayed in front of the main screen.
  6. Flash - These are like moving ads, which are called "flash" and they show different content to the viewer.
  7. Video - These are small videads, which are often autplayed and sometimes they have to be played by the user if they want to see it.
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