What are the disadvantages of Social Media?

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Disadvantages of Social Media

  1. Privacy is a major issue of Social Media.
  2. Any unknown and dangerous person here can get access to all your personal information and they can even use it later.
  3. By using it you start separating yourself from your family and friends. But you express yourself many times in online.
  4. To enter Social Media you can also tell your age wrong, so that you unknowingly take you closer to the online molester. Because you do not understand that much at this young age and those people who are misused, they can raise.
  5. The potentiality of creating a Fake Account increases.
  6. It is unknowingly you keep dragging yourself on your side and later you become its slave.
  7. Real relation leads to a lot of harm.
  8. Computer and Gadgets also have a bad effect on your health.


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