What are the new features of Android P?

Google has made many new features available in its new mobile operating system, Android P, which users can use in the coming time. So lets know again what the new features of Android P are.

1. Indoor Positioning

Google has given importance to indoor positioning in its new update. Now, just like Google Maps, you can also know the turn-by-turn direction within the home or mall very well. For this, Android P has taken the help of WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). With the help of 802.11mc of RTT apps, apps can know how far they are from the WiFi access point. They will provide all these information to developers, so that you can get more accurate location in the indoors. This feature was not available in previous android phones but you can also take advantage of these features in the future.

2. Revamped design

Google has not explicitly told this thing, but the preview images are giving us that Google has made a lot of changes in designing its new operating system. Where some major changes such as showing the time in the left side of the screen, being more symmetrical of notches and the settings menu being more colorful. With all these changes, Android P will look bubbly in even more whole. There may be some more changes to this.

3. A little improvement in Notifications

 Google has also made significant changes in its Notification settings so that the user can easily make use of it. In the new update, image attachments and stickers are placed in the notification, where only the first name of the person sent only was visible. With this new update, now at-a-glance messaging has improved greatly. With this, they give the option to developer so that they can add features such as quick replies like you have seen in Google Allo and Google Reply app. It is still unclear how much control developers will get in these answers. It's been heard that Google can integrate the Smart Reply system into your notification feature.

4. Privacy Extremely

lot of security and privacy settings have been brought into Android P. What is the biggest security feature is that now the new restriction system is included, when an app becomes idle for sensors, cameras, and microphones, then All these systems stop reporting automatically when the app becomes idle, and another app that requires all these information does not get anything from these sources. Google has recommended that they will no longer provide background access to any language since these features will not work anymore.
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