What are the types of Social Media?

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Types of Social Media

Business applications

Social media is very beneficial for entrepreneurs and small business by using it properly. With this, he can grow up his business in collaboration with a lot of people. They can also use social media to advertise their products. Since Social Medias are operated all over the world, with this help, we can contact people living in any country in the world and can increase their business.

Medical applications

Many health professionals use Social Medias to manage their institutional knowledge. From this they can highlight their doctors and institutions in front of the people. With that he can share his knowledge with other people too.


Social mediating services are now being used for criminal and legal investigations. Information that sites like MySpace and Facebook are comfortable with are done by police in the investigation.

Social Medias are used for social good

Many Social Services use Social Media properly, because they know very well that many people come to Social Media and look for a good post. If they talk to them about their social service, then some people may agree to join them in this good work. This increases the number of their audience and their followers too. Together with more like minded people (people of similar thinking) working, they can easily achieve the very unlikely goal too. And this society can do something different and better.


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