What is Internal and External Social Media?

Internal Social Media (ISN)

ISN is mainly closed and private community where people with small amounts or small amounts are connected, it is like a community in the middle of those people. There is a need for "invitation" to join this network here. And you can only join it when you get the invitation. For example, an education group, Photography group or Hacking Community or a Secret Forum.

External Social Media (ESN)

That's where ESN is mainly Open and Public Community, where people in large quantities or large dams are connected, they are also like a community among these people. Anyone in this network can join here, who wants to connect to it. This primarily attracts advertisers on their own, as there is more traffic left over here. Users can add their picture here and can also become "friends" with others. For example, Faceboo, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Ask etc.
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