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How to be a successful Blogger?

Learn here how to become a successful blogger?

Learn here how to become a successful blogger? How to be a successful Blogger? Planning of your blog (Subjects, Topics and Categories).  Original Content (Unique and Non-Duplicate). Make Your Article Beautiful and Attractive. Use More Focusing Titles And Unique Information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
It is a well known and very obvious fact that the traffic on your website and your Alexa Rank depends mostly on the quality of your articles and how well you are writing it. It is very important to understand few things before starting to write a post. There must be some cases out there where a person is posting almost 3-4 articles every day but still, the Alexa Rank or the traffic on the Website is not improving much, so if that's the case then all you need to do is to concentrate on the quality of your posts. Here I am going to share some of my personal learning before writing my articles for and what are those things that I keep in mind before I sit to write any article.

You must know how to write a successful blog

Firstly, I will like to tell you all that, every time when I sit on my chair with my laptop in front of me, I don't just immediately start typing. For about 10 to 15 minutes, I think about my audience, I think about what they want from me? What are their expectations out of me? I also think about how can I be helpful to them? What can I do to make my article interesting for them?. So there are many questions like these that just pops up in my mind and I am telling you all that you all must try to do this before you start with your blog because this will help you in drawing a clear picture in your mind about your blog.

So let's just start with few of the important things that you must follow before writing a post for your blog. These all points are from my personal experience of blogging and reading:

1. Blogging: Planning of your blog (Subjects, Topics and Categories)

Before setting up any of your blogs or before writing any posts, you must prepare a plan that what will be the main motive behind your website?. You must decide about the content of your website. When we started, it was very clear in our minds that it will be a website for young bloggers and we will post their articles on our website, so that they can share their stories or experiences with people out there. We also decided this thing initially only, that our bloggers can blog about anything, unless and until it is useful, interesting or knowledgeable for our readers. So always keep your plan very clear in your mind and never get distracted from it. Follow that plan only at any cost.

2. Blogging: Know the readers of your blog

After few days, when you start getting some traffic on your website, you can have an idea about your readers by evaluating that which of your articles are being read most and which genre of the article is being liked by your readers most. This is one of the most important things because when you know that people are reading more about, alignments, gadgets, so you must post more about gadgets and articles related to it. So, understanding your audience is very important.

3. Blogging: Original Content (Unique and Non-Duplicate)

This is also one of the most important things that you must follow. Whatever you are writing, whatever is your topic, it is very important that each and every line of your article should come just from you. YOU MUST NOT COPY A SINGLE LINE FROM ANYWHERE. Keep your content very original, very fresh. It is perfectly fine that you are inspired from some other place or you are writing your article on the basis of what you have read, but when you are writing about it in your article, write it in your own words. Keep it simple but keep it original.

4. Blogging: Make Your Article Beautiful and Attractive

After you're done writing your article, it is important to "decorate" it. Use good images, use different headings, position your images at different places, keep the font simple, etc.. These things are important because readers are more comfortable reading those article which is good in display and comforting to their eyes. I, personally use 'Times New Roman' format, whenever I write a post and always keep it in the alignment. These things help to make your articles better to read.

5. Blogging: Use More Focusing Titles And Unique Information

With this point, I want to tell you all that how much the main title of your article matters for your blog to be famous. You must have seen posts on Facebook or Twitter by different pages are read or clicked by a lot of people, one of the main reasons is their title or caption which they put. Some of them have nothing great or useful written inside but people click it just because of their titles. Also, tell people something new that most of them might not know. Give them some unique information, some unknown facts, some smart tricks, etc..
Also, it is very important to focus on the Keywords whenever you are writing any article because it plays an important role. Your headings must be from H1 to H6 using the HTML Editor because that is very important for SEO. These all things are very useful in making your blog successful.

6. Blogging: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must work a lot on SEO. It is very useful in getting your articles to the top spot in the search engine results. You must use various SEO plugins so that your blog can be optimized. SEO is useful in increasing the traffic on your website with a very good rate.

7. Blogging: Spread/Share Your Blog on Social Sites

 When you are done writing your posts, it is important to share it on as many social networking platforms as you can. Make pages on Facebook, use Twitter, you can even use Instagram, make an account on YouTube etc.. Add people, share your blogs with lots of people. This will help you in bringing more and more traffic and also people will comment on your posts, which will help you to connect with your audience. So, make use of all these platforms.

8. Blogging: Work Hard And Read a Lot For New Ideas

For any blogger, it is very important to read a lot on different topics. You must read articles of famous bloggers on different websites around the world. These things inspire very much. When you're going to write your post, so read about that topic or content on different websites. You must have a base or proper understanding of anything that you are going to write.Reading is the key. Read as much as you can. Work hard with your blog. Don't just post your article because you need to have at least 3-4 blogs every day, No! Never compromise with the quality. If you want to share something with your readers, have a proper understanding of your topic and then write. Give a proper time to your blog.

9. Blogging: Do Not Make Grammatical Errors

Firstly, select one language. It could be any language. Never mix two languages together, for example, if your blogs are in English, write every blog of yours in total English, don't mix Hindi and English together, it leaves a false impression. Also, you must avoid making any grammatical error. Write you blogs in simple words. It is not necessary that you use big giant words, but whatever you are writing, write that with a minimum grammatical error.

10. Blogging: Have Patience in Blogging

If you will read about successful bloggers, there is one thing that you will find common with each and everyone is the patience. Every blogger needs to be patient for his/her blogs to be successful and for getting a good traffic. Work hard with your blog, give time to them, and repeat this process for many days and months, you will definitely find the change.
So, these were some points that I thought I should share with you all and friends if you have any questions, please comment in the comment box below.
Keep Blogging!
Thank You

Important Blogging Tools: Help You Reach Your Audience

Important Blogging Tools

Important Blogging Tools: While traditional forms of marketing – like TV, printed and radio ads – are still reasonably popular, marketers are slowly moving their attention towards digital marketing. As a matter of fact, according to the latest State of Marketing report from Salesforce, by 2021, marketers will spend 75% of their budget on digital, versus traditional marketing.

We all know, just as Bill Gates told us more than 20 years ago, that “Content is King.” However, once you start creating quality content and posting it on your site, what should be your next step? Wait for the audience to discover it? Well, not exactly. While a certain percentage of your audience will find your content naturally, you have to think of ways to amplify it, so that it reaches the right people.

Luckily, you have a number of tools available today that will help you deliver your content to your target demographic at the right time.

Top 4 Distribution Tools for Blog

1. SimpleReach

SimpleReach is a content distribution tool that helps you identify, and subsequently publish content that is guaranteed to drive maximum traffic to your website or blog, through various social media platforms. You have The Slide – Simple Reach’s primary product, which features only the most shared content you have in your archives and persuades users to share them. One of the more distinctive features the distribution tool offers is audience targeting that is primarily used to showcase your best content on popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc.

2. Taboola

This is a simple content discovery platform that helps publishers get more traffic to their sites and businesses improve their lead generation by getting their articles recommended by some of the biggest publishers on the Internet. Taboola works like this – once you submit your links, the platform’s algorithm matches the articles with one of the hundreds of premium sites like NBC, USA Today, Time, and much more. And whenever a visitor clicks on your article, it is showcased through Facebook, YouTube or other 3rd-party sites.

3. Xink

So what is Xink? Well, it’s an email signature software that helps you leverage your email signature and in turn, improve the visibility of your content. But the real question is – how can you use your email signature to distribute your content? It’s actually quite easy – all you need to do is include the link to your content in your signature and improve its visibility among your subscribers. And if you manage to create a huge contact database, you’ll be able to make an enormous impression for your content.


Stay up-to-date and keeping track of everything can be, though, in fact, it’s practically impossible to do dozens (in some cases even hundreds) of email and blog subscriptions, and keep a tab on them. But that’s why Dharmesh Shah and Rand Fishkin started – a feed where marketers can read about things that matter the most to them, share new ideas and enter discussions. And thanks to the ever-growing community, you can get answers to questions from an expert in basically any domain.

Final Thoughts on Tools

You have to understand that content marketing isn’t only about creating great content – it’s also about what happens to your content after you post it online. In other words, if you want your content to reach a broad audience, you need to have the proper distribution.

With these tools, you’ll have to worry less about delivering your articles, infographics, and videos to the most targeted audience. Also, it’s worth mentioning that in some countries you might need a VPN to access some of these tools so it would be smart to get a good Virtual Private Network, like PureVPN.

Once you implement some of these tools, you’ll be able to focus on producing more high-quality content for your target demographic and feed them only with relevant content at an appropriate time. Therefore, get ready to feature your articles on high-authority sites and leverage your content to its maximum potential. By Michael Conley.

I hope everything is clear. If you have any problem regarding with Blogging tools. Then, please comment below in comment box.

Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging

Top 15 The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging
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  2. Why should we blogging?
  3. What is the benefit of blogging?
  4. How do make blog for blogging?
  5. How can I create blogs in free of cost?
  6. How do we earn money from blogging?
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  8. What are the benefits of  blogging?
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  10. On which topic blog would be right to create?
  11. How do you bring more traffic to the blog?
  12. How do you bring your blog in search results to the Google search engine?
  13. How much money we can maximum earn through the blog?
  14. Is it essential to know about web designing to start the blog?
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What should I do to get more traffic on my blog?

Follow these steps to gain more traffic on your blog

What should I do to get more traffic on my blog? Make your blogs fast loading. Optimize your blog for search engines. Make High-Quality Backlinks for Blogs. Share your blog post on social sites. Your blog must be verified by Google Webmaster.

We should think about the good traffic to the blog from the beginning of starting the blog. Whenever we create our blog often things disappear. First of all, your blog should have been simple and fast loading design. Your blog should be open in the shortest possible time.

Make your blogs fast loading.

The less time your website or blog will open. You will gain more visitor to your blog and their appeal will be more on your blog. Therefore, blog design and its loading speed should be good.

Optimize your blog for search engines.

The second thing is that your blog's search engine optimization should be good. All backlinks must be do-follow. Because of that, the search engine can bring all the web pages of your blog to the search results.

Make High-Quality Backlinks for Blogs.

The third most important thing is that backlinks. It is a matter of today's time. The high-quality backlinks create additional traffic your blog. Therefore backlinks play the most important role in today's time. So try to get backlinks for your blog every day.

Share your blog post on social sites.

Share your blog pages as much as possible on social sites. Before sharing, tag your friends in it and tell your friends to comment on that page. So that post can be more viral on social sites.

Your blog must be verified by Google Webmaster.

Most importantly, your blog should be validated on Google Webmaster. This is most important for your block. If you pay attention to these things. So a few days later traffic will increase on your blog and your problem will be solved.

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