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Some Interesting Facts About Green Tea

Green tea is very beneficial for our health.

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In this post. We will know about some amazing facts about green tea. Hope, you will enjoy this. As we know that Green tea is getting popular very fast nowadays. Green tea is made by drying the leaves of Camilla sinuses. So let us know today what the benefits of Green Tea (green tea) are and what are its disadvantages.

How much of it should be consumed, etc. Benefits of Green Tea:

  1. Green tea should not drink empty stomach in the morning.
  2. Do not take medication with green tea, do not take medicine with water.
  3. Green tea enhances our body's immune system.
  4. Green tea prevents cancer cells from growing. Regular drinking of green tea leaves the possibility of bladder cancer not equal.
  5. Green tea keeps blood pressure in control.
  6. Drinking it reduces the chances of a heart attack.
  7. Hard green tea should not drink, this can lead to problems of stomach, sleep problems, problems like dizziness can arise.
  8. Green tea helps in losing weight, it helps to burn waste calories.
  9. If you drink more than two or three cups of green tea every day, it will harm you.
  10. Due to the spread of teeth, eliminates green tea to the bacteria that spread. It reduces the development of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.
  11. Always drink fresh green tea.
  12. Green tea helps in controlling blood sugar.
  13. Amino acid found in green tea helps in relieving anxiety.
  14. Green tea contains the name 'High fluoride'. It helps keep the bones strong. This helps in maintaining bone density.
  15. Protects from green tea food poisoning.
  16. Green tea acts as anti-aging medication.

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How to be a successful Blogger?

Learn here how to become a successful blogger?

Learn here how to become a successful blogger? How to be a successful Blogger? Planning of your blog (Subjects, Topics and Categories).  Original Content (Unique and Non-Duplicate). Make Your Article Beautiful and Attractive. Use More Focusing Titles And Unique Information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
It is a well known and very obvious fact that the traffic on your website and your Alexa Rank depends mostly on the quality of your articles and how well you are writing it. It is very important to understand few things before starting to write a post. There must be some cases out there where a person is posting almost 3-4 articles every day but still, the Alexa Rank or the traffic on the Website is not improving much, so if that's the case then all you need to do is to concentrate on the quality of your posts. Here I am going to share some of my personal learning before writing my articles for and what are those things that I keep in mind before I sit to write any article.

You must know how to write a successful blog

Firstly, I will like to tell you all that, every time when I sit on my chair with my laptop in front of me, I don't just immediately start typing. For about 10 to 15 minutes, I think about my audience, I think about what they want from me? What are their expectations out of me? I also think about how can I be helpful to them? What can I do to make my article interesting for them?. So there are many questions like these that just pops up in my mind and I am telling you all that you all must try to do this before you start with your blog because this will help you in drawing a clear picture in your mind about your blog.

So let's just start with few of the important things that you must follow before writing a post for your blog. These all points are from my personal experience of blogging and reading:

1. Blogging: Planning of your blog (Subjects, Topics and Categories)

Before setting up any of your blogs or before writing any posts, you must prepare a plan that what will be the main motive behind your website?. You must decide about the content of your website. When we started, it was very clear in our minds that it will be a website for young bloggers and we will post their articles on our website, so that they can share their stories or experiences with people out there. We also decided this thing initially only, that our bloggers can blog about anything, unless and until it is useful, interesting or knowledgeable for our readers. So always keep your plan very clear in your mind and never get distracted from it. Follow that plan only at any cost.

2. Blogging: Know the readers of your blog

After few days, when you start getting some traffic on your website, you can have an idea about your readers by evaluating that which of your articles are being read most and which genre of the article is being liked by your readers most. This is one of the most important things because when you know that people are reading more about, alignments, gadgets, so you must post more about gadgets and articles related to it. So, understanding your audience is very important.

3. Blogging: Original Content (Unique and Non-Duplicate)

This is also one of the most important things that you must follow. Whatever you are writing, whatever is your topic, it is very important that each and every line of your article should come just from you. YOU MUST NOT COPY A SINGLE LINE FROM ANYWHERE. Keep your content very original, very fresh. It is perfectly fine that you are inspired from some other place or you are writing your article on the basis of what you have read, but when you are writing about it in your article, write it in your own words. Keep it simple but keep it original.

4. Blogging: Make Your Article Beautiful and Attractive

After you're done writing your article, it is important to "decorate" it. Use good images, use different headings, position your images at different places, keep the font simple, etc.. These things are important because readers are more comfortable reading those article which is good in display and comforting to their eyes. I, personally use 'Times New Roman' format, whenever I write a post and always keep it in the alignment. These things help to make your articles better to read.

5. Blogging: Use More Focusing Titles And Unique Information

With this point, I want to tell you all that how much the main title of your article matters for your blog to be famous. You must have seen posts on Facebook or Twitter by different pages are read or clicked by a lot of people, one of the main reasons is their title or caption which they put. Some of them have nothing great or useful written inside but people click it just because of their titles. Also, tell people something new that most of them might not know. Give them some unique information, some unknown facts, some smart tricks, etc..
Also, it is very important to focus on the Keywords whenever you are writing any article because it plays an important role. Your headings must be from H1 to H6 using the HTML Editor because that is very important for SEO. These all things are very useful in making your blog successful.

6. Blogging: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must work a lot on SEO. It is very useful in getting your articles to the top spot in the search engine results. You must use various SEO plugins so that your blog can be optimized. SEO is useful in increasing the traffic on your website with a very good rate.

7. Blogging: Spread/Share Your Blog on Social Sites

 When you are done writing your posts, it is important to share it on as many social networking platforms as you can. Make pages on Facebook, use Twitter, you can even use Instagram, make an account on YouTube etc.. Add people, share your blogs with lots of people. This will help you in bringing more and more traffic and also people will comment on your posts, which will help you to connect with your audience. So, make use of all these platforms.

8. Blogging: Work Hard And Read a Lot For New Ideas

For any blogger, it is very important to read a lot on different topics. You must read articles of famous bloggers on different websites around the world. These things inspire very much. When you're going to write your post, so read about that topic or content on different websites. You must have a base or proper understanding of anything that you are going to write.Reading is the key. Read as much as you can. Work hard with your blog. Don't just post your article because you need to have at least 3-4 blogs every day, No! Never compromise with the quality. If you want to share something with your readers, have a proper understanding of your topic and then write. Give a proper time to your blog.

9. Blogging: Do Not Make Grammatical Errors

Firstly, select one language. It could be any language. Never mix two languages together, for example, if your blogs are in English, write every blog of yours in total English, don't mix Hindi and English together, it leaves a false impression. Also, you must avoid making any grammatical error. Write you blogs in simple words. It is not necessary that you use big giant words, but whatever you are writing, write that with a minimum grammatical error.

10. Blogging: Have Patience in Blogging

If you will read about successful bloggers, there is one thing that you will find common with each and everyone is the patience. Every blogger needs to be patient for his/her blogs to be successful and for getting a good traffic. Work hard with your blog, give time to them, and repeat this process for many days and months, you will definitely find the change.
So, these were some points that I thought I should share with you all and friends if you have any questions, please comment in the comment box below.
Keep Blogging!
Thank You

Interesting Facts About Earth

Read here some interesting facts about Earth. Unknown and amazing facts about Earth. Secret facts about Earth.

Read here some interesting facts about Earth

Our Earth is the most beautiful place for the whole universe and the most suitable place for life, where the number of species of animals and various types of species is found. Generally you would have known a lot about the Earth, but today we are going to tell you such interesting facts related to the Earth which you have not known about it yet. Let's know about them:

Unknown and amazing facts about Earth

  • Do you know that every year about 500,000 earthquakes occur on Earth. Of which about a hundred earthquakes are devastating, while one lakh earthquakes are felt only.
  • According to the scientists, about 30 to 40 tons of space dust and other objects enter the Earth's atmosphere every year, but most of them are destroyed due to friction by the air even before reaching the Earth.
  • If we compare the size of the Earth and the Sun, then around 1300000 Earth may be get into the sun.
  • About 7700,000 people grow up on this earth every year if compared to those born and dying on this earth.
  • About 22 thousand objects created by human beings are turning round the Earth's orbit.
  • A glass takes more than 4000 years to destroy.
  • Most people think that one day of 24 hours, but this is not true. In fact, 1 day of Earth is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.
  • The deepest pit was still dug in Russia by humans, which was about 12.25 kilometers deep.
  • About 200,000 people are born on earth every day and about 2 people die in every second.
  • If the whole earth's water is collected and we make a round ball, it will be made of a size of about 860 cubic kilometers, which will be larger than the size of moon of Saturn.
  • Shark is considered the most dangerous creature of the ocean. But every year only causes 10 to 12 accidents, and only 4 to 5 people die. But every person loses near about one million sharks every year for his greed.
  • 99% of all species known on earth live in the sea and every year about two thousand new species of marine creatures are known.
  • 40% of deaths due to various causes in the world are caused by air pollution and water. Air pollution in the world has so much that 70,00,000 people die every year due to diseases caused by it.
  • There are one billion people in the world who do not have enough water to drink daily, while 2 billion people drink polluted water.
  • As much as 90% of the garbage dispersed by humans in the world reaches the sea for some reason.

Do you have any questions about Earth?

Hope you enjoy this information. If you need more information about Earth. Then please write in the comment box.