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Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon

Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon, know what's special

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Facebook will soon add another new feature from Snapchat to your app. According to some reports, Facebook has been testing snapchat's popular Streak feature for several days and it can soon be included as Facebook's main feature. Earlier added to the Facebook app, the camera feature and face filter feature is very similar to Snapchat.

What is Streak Features?

In this feature, if the user is chatting with a friend, then he will see the notification of 'keep you streaking'. If you talk to your friends for about 2 consecutive days then the streak counters will continue to grow.

Engagement on Facebook will increase

The streak is a popular feature of Snapchat. Most young people spend hours in it to increase the streak. Thereby increasing the user engagement. Facebook wants to add this feature to its app while using this technology. Thereby making engagement with Streak Count on Facebook

Currently, this new feature is being tested on Facebook. Hopefully, this feature will soon be available for common users.

Best Gadgets Review Channels on YouTube

Top 7 Gadgets review channels on YouTube

Top 7 Gadgets review channels on YouTube. best youtube tech reviewers  best tech youtube channels 2015  best tech youtube channels 2017  top youtube product reviewers  best computer science youtube channels  best tech youtube channels reddit  youtube product review channels  gadgets to use youtube

Hello! friends, Gadget reviewing is one of the best ways of earning online and especially through YouTube. YouTube is a place where you'll get videos on everything. It is a place that provides us with lots of knowledge on different topics. There are many channels on YouTube about Gadgets and those channels review all the different gadgets in their own way. There are many channels which are working professionally for this and they are earning good money out of it. Those channels have descriptive videos and deep analysis on various gadgets.

So let's look at some of the top Gadgets review channels on YouTube:

1. Marques Brownlee YouTube Channel

Marques Brownlee is one of the most famous YouTubers in the world, He has around 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and around 800 videos on his channel. Marques Brownlee reviews all kinds of gadgets from Mobile phones to Speakers, from cameras to headphones earphones, just everything. The best thing about his videos is the presentation and the way he explains each and everything related to the gadget. He is just 22 years old. He is also known by his stage name MKBHD.

2. C4ETech YouTube Channel

C4ETech is a tech channel that focuses on Smartphones and Android. The best part about C4ETech is its comparison videos, where they compare two mobile phones and show which one is the better. C4ETech has around 500,000 subscribers. They review every new gadget and they're mainly focused on the mobile phones. You must subscribe to this channel if you are a gadget freak.

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3. Pocketnow YouTube Channel

Pocketnow is also a very famous YouTube channel. This channel was established in the year 2007 and now has over 1 million subscribers. They review Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Wearables. Their commentary and review on every product is very unique and it gives the detail about any product effectively. They have over 5000 videos on YouTube.

4. Android Authority YouTube Channel

Android Authority has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. If you are interested in exploring new things and new gadgets, this is the channel for you. Android Authority, as the name suggests, is a source for all the android related things. It has over 2500 videos and also one of its positive points is the presentation, the way it creates the video. It is a very famous YouTube channel for gadgets review and ratings.

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5. Jonathan Morrison YouTube Channel

Jonathan Morrison is one of the most famous gadgets un-boxing channel on YouTube. Jonathan Morrison has started this channel on YouTube in the year 2010 and till now it has over 1 million subscribers. The thing that makes this channel different from other channels is some of its weird yet super cool content like charging your iPhones with fire and more. This channel is also famous for its giveaways. You must subscribe to this channel for latest updates on new gadgets.

6. Austin Evans

Austin Evans channel has about 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. It reviews PC games, smartphones and all the cool gadgets in the market. Austin focuses more on the details of the gadgets and whether any gadget at high rates will be a good buy?, Austin Evans channel established in the year 2007 and now has over 1200 videos. It is a very good channel for those who are looking forward to buy new gadgets or smartphones.

7. Geekyranjit YouTube Channel

Geekyranjit is the most famous tech channel on Youtube in India. Ranjit is also a very famous Blogger on tech and new gadgets . He has over 1700 videos and about 400,000 subscribers. The way in which he  reviews the product and gives the details about any gadget makes him very different from other Indian YouTube tech channels. You must subscribe to his channel on YouTube for reviews on every new gadget in India.

So, What do you think?

If you have anything to add or if you have something new to tell then please write below in comment box. Keep reading for many more awesome articles.
How to implement the mechatronics physically?

How to implement the mechatronics physically?

Implementation of mechatonics physically

As we know that mechantonics play various roles in the field of mechanical engineering. In mechanical modeling calls for modeling and simulating physical complex phenomenon in the scope of a multi-scale and multi-physical approach. This implies to implement and to manage modeling and optimization methods and tools, which are integrated in a systemic approach. The specialty is aimed at students in mechanics who want to open their mind to systems engineering, and able to integrate different physics or technologies, as well as students in mechatronics who want to increase their knowledge in optimization and multidisciplinary simulation technics.

Educational role of mechatronics

The specialty educates students in robust and/or optimized conception methods for structures or many technological systems, and to the main modeling and simulation tools used in R&D. Special courses are also proposed for original applications (multi-materials composites, innovating transducers and actuators, integrated systems, …) to prepare the students to the coming breakthrough in the domains covering the materials and the systems. For some mechatronic systems, the main issue is no longer how to implement a control system, but how to implement actuators. Within the mechatronic field, mainly two technologies are used to produce movement/motion.
What are applications of mechatronics in engineering field?

What are applications of mechatronics in engineering field?

Applications of mechatronics in engineering

As we know that in present time in industries and in other production area, mostly mechatronics system are used for reliable and comfortable production system.

 Following applications of mechatronics

  • Machine vision
  • Automation and robotics
  • Servo-mechanics
  • Sensing and control systems
  • Automotive engineering, automotive equipment in the design of subsystems such as anti-lock braking systems
  • Computer-machine controls, such as computer driven machines like IE CNC milling machines
  • Expert systems
  • Industrial goods
  • Consumer products
  • Mechatronics systems
  • Medical mechatronics, medical imaging systems
  • Structural dynamic systems
  • Transportation and vehicular systems
  • Mechatronics as the new language of the automobile
  • Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems
  • Computer-aided design
  • Engineering and manufacturing systems
  • Packaging
  • Microcontrollers / PLCs
  • Mobile apps
  • M&E Engineering