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How to browse website in offline mode?

Browse website in offline mode

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Offline Explorer is a tool used to browser web pages in offline mode. Offline Explorer Enterprise 7 allows you to browse and download Web, HTTPS, PNM, MMS, FTP and RTSP sites for later offline use, without internet connection you can view, edit, and browse your favorite websites.

This kind of tool is needed if you want to download your favorite website and check it out on a computer that doesn’t have an Internet connection. Once you initiate the application with the user friendly interface, you can use the “new project wizard” to specify the project URL, name and download directory, as well as levels limit.

Features of Offline Explorer Enterprise : 

Internal editor with syntax highlight. Built-in backup/restore projects. Download files simultaneously. Drag-and-Drop links from browsers. Fast, easy and reliable. Flexible filters to downloads. Internal Proxy server support. Download password protected sites. Download priority with auto refresh. New projects color marker & ribbon. New migration wizard. Enhanced content filters and support. Fully configurable user interface. HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP supports. Download and upload speed chart. Multi-threaded processing. OLE Automation interface. Unlimited number of tabs. Download speed control. Capture social networking sites. New easily create download tasks. New FTP Upload dialog and tab. HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and Proxy supports.

Download Offline Explorer

How to fix damaged or corrupt JPEG files? [Solved]

Fix damaged or corrupt JPEG files

Fix damaged or corrupt JPEG files. JPEG repairing software. Fix problem. Fix the old jpeg files due to damage and corrupt.

JPEG recovery tool can easily extract the embedded thumbnail image of severely corrupt JPEG files without compromising its visual fidelity. This feature is particularly important for all JPEG images, which have undergone damages or corruptions beyond repair. With Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, you can get the thumbnail images of those files.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a PRO Photo Repairing Software to Fix Damaged Or Corrupt JPEG Files, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair Tool is the best DIY tool to repair corrupt or damaged photos having .JPG or .JPEG file extension.

Features of Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair : 

Repairs Multiple JPEG Files Simultaneously. Seamless navigation with an easy to use interface. Faster and smarter scanning engine. Fix Corrupt JPG Files Recovered From Corrupt Storage Media. Its Risk Free , View Preview Of Repaired JPEG/JPG. Extracts Thumbnails Of Severely Corrupt JPEG File. Repairs Corrupt Header & Invalid JPEG File Structure. Repairs corrupt header, Data, file structure, etc.

Download Link of Stellar Phoenic JPEG Repair