Define Structure of a Program

Structure of a Program

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Probably the best way to start learning a programming language is by writing a program. Therefore, here is our first program:

Best C++ Books

// my first program in C++
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ()
cout << "Hello World!";
return 0;
 Hello World!
The first panel shows the source code for our first program. The second one shows the result of the program once compiled and executed. The way to edit and compile a program depends on the compiler you are using. Depending on whether it has a Development Interface or not and on its version. Consult the compilers section and the manual or help included with your compiler if you have doubts on how to compile a C++ console program.
// my first program in C++
This is a comment line. All lines beginning with two slash signs (//) are considered comments and do not have any effect on the behavior of the program. The programmer can use them to include short explanations or observations within the source code itself. In this case, the line is a brief description of what our program is.
using namespace std;
All the elements of the standard C++ library are declared within what is called a namespace, the namespace with the name std. So in order to access its functionality, we declare with this expression that we will be using these entities. This line is very frequent in C++ programs that use the standard library, and in fact, it will be included in most of the source codes included in these tutorials.
int main ()
This line corresponds to the beginning of the definition of the main function. The main function is the point by where all C++ programs start their execution, independently of its location within the source code. It does not matter whether there are other functions with other names defined before or after it - the instructions contained within this function's definition will always be the first ones to be executed in any C++ program. For that same reason, it is essential that all C++ programs have a main function.

The word main is followed in the code by a pair of parentheses (()). That is because it is a function declaration: In C++, what differentiates a function declaration from other types of expressions are these parentheses that follow its name. Optionally, these parentheses may enclose a list of parameters within them.

Right after these parentheses, we can find the body of the main function enclosed in braces ({}). What is contained within these braces is what the function does when it is executed.

cout << "Hello World!";
This line is a C++ statement. A statement is a simple or compound expression that can actually produce some effect. In fact, this statement performs the only action that generates a visible effect in our first program. out represents the standard output stream in C++, and the meaning of the entire statement is to insert a sequence of characters (in this case the Hello World sequence of characters) into the standard output stream (which usually is the screen). the cout is declared in the stream standard file within the std namespace, so that's why we needed to include that specific file and to declare that we were going to use this specific namespace earlier in our code.

Notice that the statement ends with a semicolon character (;). This character is used to mark the end of the statement and in fact, it must be included at the end of all expression statements in all C++ programs (one of the most common syntax errors is indeed to forget to include some semicolon after a statement).

return 0;
The return statement causes the main function to finish. the return may be followed by a return code (in our example is followed by the return code 0). A return code of 0 for the main function is generally interpreted as the program worked as expected without any errors during its execution. This is the most usual way to end a C++ console program.

What is VPS? (Full Details)

About Virtual Private Server

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The full form of VPS is Virtual Private server and it is also known as Virtual Personal Server. There are so many physical servers in any data centers that when virtual resources of a physical server (memory, storage, CPU etc) are created by virtually dividing the machine with the help of software, this process is called virtualization.

VPS virtual machine

To create VPS virtual machines are created on the physical server with the help of virtualization software (such as Hyper-V, Vmware etc). This machine, hosted on the physical server, is called virtual machine. This virtual machine uses the resources of the physical server.

Hosting Companies

A lot of VM can be created according to its hardware resources on any physical server. Any OS can be installed on virtual machine. When a customer takes VPS service, hosing companies give one of VM's hosted VMs to the physical server and the customer uses the operating system, disk space, and bandwidth required on this virtual private server.

Basically, using a concept of virtualization on a Physical server, many customized virtual machines are created, which are called VPS. Whenever anyone is given access to VPS, then only he can see that VPS machine and not the entire physical server.

VPS vs Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Users can work on the virtual server by logging in to OS as if it is a physical machine such that the machine can reboot, any software can install etc. But VPS is a term that creates confusion for many people and business as it works in a way like both shared and dedicated hosting and is considered as solutions.

Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon

Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon, know what's special

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Facebook will soon add another new feature from Snapchat to your app. According to some reports, Facebook has been testing snapchat's popular Streak feature for several days and it can soon be included as Facebook's main feature. Earlier added to the Facebook app, the camera feature and face filter feature is very similar to Snapchat.

What is Streak Features?

In this feature, if the user is chatting with a friend, then he will see the notification of 'keep you streaking'. If you talk to your friends for about 2 consecutive days then the streak counters will continue to grow.

Engagement on Facebook will increase

The streak is a popular feature of Snapchat. Most young people spend hours in it to increase the streak. Thereby increasing the user engagement. Facebook wants to add this feature to its app while using this technology. Thereby making engagement with Streak Count on Facebook

Currently, this new feature is being tested on Facebook. Hopefully, this feature will soon be available for common users.

Better Field - Mechanical or Production Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering vs Production Engineering

Production Engineering is, for the most part, a study program in Mechanical Engineering, with added emphasis on Manufacturing Engineering, Statistics and Industrial Management. All of these topics are also covered in the typical Mechanical Engineering program, albeit to a lesser extent.
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There is no question about which is best both of them are best on it's own way.If you are interested in the field of production methods and it's technical terminologies then you should go for production engineering and if you have interest in learning the production method,thermal properties, fluid properties, mechanics, vibration properties of various engineering items or components also sometimes management of it then you will like mechanical engineering. But let me give you a free advice job market of these branches in India are not good in present scenario unless and until you are from an IIT or an good NIT.

Better Field - Mechanical or Production Engineering

Both are almost same branches except some subject. Both the branches have specialty in manufacturing engineering and machine design. But there is one subject or you can say one side known as thermal science which differentiate them. Thermal science is broad and very interesting branch which consist of several subjects like thermodynamics, heat transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning & power plant engineering.

Those subjects are heart of anything related to temperature and heat. By knowing these subjects one can understand why our skin becomes dry in winter and sweaty in summer. Why we put cotton clothes on forehead of seek person what is reason behind it.

As compared to mechanical branch production have some deep knowledge of manufacturing science but they are far away from the Thermal science which is biggest disadvantage of choosing production engineering.