Where is the world's largest glass house located?

The world's largest glass house is located in 'Why Guards' of London. This glasshouse is also known as the Victoria Glasshouse and the Temple House because it was designed by Victorian architect Desimiman Burton in 1860.

The length of this glasshouse is 628 ft. In this glasshouse, 1000 trees of rare species of Himalayas have been planted apart from Africa, America, Australia and Asia continents. This glasshouse was closed in 2013 due to shabby. Recently it has been opened again.

Where is the Rio Carnival celebrated?

Rio Carnival is being celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian capital. Through this carnival, people express gratitude to God for the boon in the boon. Samba parade is done in this carnival. This parade was done for display of Portuguese and local African cultural traditions. The groups participating in the Samba Parade have raised voice against the demand of gender equality this time against sexual abuse.

Where is the world's highest hotel built in 2018?

The world's tallest hotel is built in Dubai. The height of this 75-storey hotel is 356 meters. The pure gold layer has been climbing on this hotel. The hotel has 232 deluxe rooms, 31 to-bedroom suites, 528 rooms, four restaurants, and a health club.

In which country has the Olympic Bullet train been run recently?

Olympic bullet train has been run in South Korea. This train runs at a speed of 250 km per hour. It takes 3 to 6 hours to go from capital Seoul to Pyongyang, but this distance from this train can be completed in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. This train service has been started considering the Winter Olympics

[Problem Solved] Restore Accidentally deleted contacts from an Android phone

Its a big loss for anyone to lose their valuable contacts. However there are many applications available on playstore to recover from that kind of loss.

Restore Accidentally deleted contacts from an Android phone

One of them is very famous Restore Contacts :
One thing to note here is that it will not work on phone format as it will erase all memory slots. It will work well on your scenario. It works very well when you have accidentally deleted your contacts or intentionally. You can get them back easily, on single tap.
Below are the screenshots of this app, its just awesome :

What is Paytm Physical Debit Card?

Paytm Physical Debit Card

A few days ago when Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma tweeted on Twitter that he was going to launch a new feature very soon, people had shown great interest in this new feature. And finally when he told everyone about this new facility, he got a very good response from the people. This new Physical Debit Card of Paytm is the same as the common ATM card and can also be used as a normal debit card.

Many people who are connected with Paytm will know about Paytm's Virtual Debit Card. In the same way, this is also the only physical form of that virtual debit card. Like it has written on the website of the Paytm Payment Bank that the number of customer's physical debit card and virtual debit card will be the same. You can use these cards in any ATM, along with any online or offline store you can also use for shopping. Another important thing is that as a Rupay card it can be used only in India.

What is the future scope of online advertising?

The Future scope of Online Advertising

It has been revealed from a research that in the last few years, about 92% of the users have said that Ads are more important for promoting the product or service of any brand. Accordingly, it is very clear that if promoted properly, with the targeted audience then the conversion rate can easily be increased. This will not spoil the experience of consumers and people will be able to see ads according to their needs. This is fame for all the people like Brand Manufactures, Advertisers and Consumers. And in the future, we can also see different types of online advertising.

What is the future scope of Social Media?

Future scope of social media

Since we are living in the technological world where everything we use is full of technology. Therefore, the future of Social Media is also very bright. Its use has increased significantly in a few years. Today, people are less aware of their neighbors but they know more about their neighbors. If seen, this is called Social Media and nothing else is happening in the virtual world. Where we are virtually many friends, there are communities. Gradually all things are moving more towards the virtual world. In such a situation, the days are not far when all of our things will be available in Social Media.

What are the disadvantages of Social Media?

Disadvantages of Social Media

  1. Privacy is a major issue of Social Media.
  2. Any unknown and dangerous person here can get access to all your personal information and they can even use it later.
  3. By using it you start separating yourself from your family and friends. But you express yourself many times in online.
  4. To enter Social Media you can also tell your age wrong, so that you unknowingly take you closer to the online molester. Because you do not understand that much at this young age and those people who are misused, they can raise.
  5. The potentiality of creating a Fake Account increases.
  6. It is unknowingly you keep dragging yourself on your side and later you become its slave.
  7. Real relation leads to a lot of harm.
  8. Computer and Gadgets also have a bad effect on your health.

What are the benefits of Social Media?

The benefits of social media

Social Media is like a structure we can see where people maintain variety of relationships such as friendly, working, commercial, informative and so on. But now this internet has become a fundamental tool for communication, from students to big companies, ranging from politicians to police corporations; It uses its favorite subject of interest to investigate, or to complete a transaction or to chat with a friend. So if it is not used properly, it can also dominate us. So let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media.

Following advantages of social media:

  1. Social Media can be used to advertise anything.
  2. School activities can also be done easily, even if all the members are from different regions.
  3. Even if our relatives or friends are living far away, we can easily contact them with the help of Social Media, and that too at very low cost.
  4. Even we can interaction with other people in other cities, states or countries.
  5. We can easily send and find diverse files (such as photographs, documents, etc.) to them.
  6. You can make new friends who are of another culture.
  7. This helps us interact in real time.
  8. Now with the help of Social Medias, political parties are running their online campaingn.
  9. Here we can prepare Discussion and Debate Forums and interact with each other.
  10. This helps us to collaborative learning.
  11. These commercial networks help people to deliver their products.
  12. This helps police to get their investigation done smoothly.