In which country has gay marriage recognition been abolished recently?

Gay marriage validation has been abolished in Bermuda. Bermuda is the world's first country to end gay marriage. Gay marriage was recognized by the Supreme Court of Bermuda in May 2017. Bermuda is a British island region in the North Atlantic Ocean, known for its beaches of pink sand.

When did the US Parliament ratify military action against Iraq?

The American lower house passed the approval of military action against Iraq on February 12, 1991 to free Kuwait.

The United Nations also warned Iraq's President Saddam Hussein - you should leave Kuwait as soon as possible, or will be a military action.

In which country is the first Hindu temple being constructed?

The first Hindu temple is being constructed in Abu Dhabi. This temple is being built on the land given by the Prince of Abu Dhabi. The idol of Krishna, Shiva and Ayyappa (Vishnu) will be established in this temple.

Ayyappa has been described as an incarnation of Vishnu and is worshiped in South India, especially in Kerala. This room will have a reception, prayer hall, exhibition center, study area, play area for children and youth, books and gift shops will be available.

When was the first time teddy bears were sold for sale?

For the first time, Teddy Bear was put on sale in the shop by Roosevelt on February 15, 1903. With the hunt of Roosevelt's hunting, Mitmat got inspiration to make teddy bears.

Roosevelt led a hunting campaign in which more animals were killed. It is believed that during hunting in Mississippi in 1902, Roosevelt saw a black bear that was tied to a tree. He was injured and Roosevelt's guide had tied him to a tree.

Where is the world's largest glass house located?

The world's largest glass house is located in 'Why Guards' of London. This glasshouse is also known as the Victoria Glasshouse and the Temple House because it was designed by Victorian architect Desimiman Burton in 1860.

The length of this glasshouse is 628 ft. In this glasshouse, 1000 trees of rare species of Himalayas have been planted apart from Africa, America, Australia and Asia continents. This glasshouse was closed in 2013 due to shabby. Recently it has been opened again.

Where is the Rio Carnival celebrated?

Rio Carnival is being celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian capital. Through this carnival, people express gratitude to God for the boon in the boon. Samba parade is done in this carnival. This parade was done for display of Portuguese and local African cultural traditions. The groups participating in the Samba Parade have raised voice against the demand of gender equality this time against sexual abuse.

Where is the world's highest hotel built in 2018?

The world's tallest hotel is built in Dubai. The height of this 75-storey hotel is 356 meters. The pure gold layer has been climbing on this hotel. The hotel has 232 deluxe rooms, 31 to-bedroom suites, 528 rooms, four restaurants, and a health club.

In which country has the Olympic Bullet train been run recently?

Olympic bullet train has been run in South Korea. This train runs at a speed of 250 km per hour. It takes 3 to 6 hours to go from capital Seoul to Pyongyang, but this distance from this train can be completed in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. This train service has been started considering the Winter Olympics

[Problem Solved] Restore Accidentally deleted contacts from an Android phone

Its a big loss for anyone to lose their valuable contacts. However there are many applications available on playstore to recover from that kind of loss.

Restore Accidentally deleted contacts from an Android phone

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One thing to note here is that it will not work on phone format as it will erase all memory slots. It will work well on your scenario. It works very well when you have accidentally deleted your contacts or intentionally. You can get them back easily, on single tap.
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