Learn here to convert any CSS or HTML website template in to Blogger template 

Learn here to convert any CSS or HTML website template in to Blogger template. Best tricks for all bloggers.

Hello Bloggerians, as we know that Blogger templates contains lots of format to work properly on Blogger.com's CMS. It is very complicated to convert any website templates to Blogger templates. 

Before converting any website template to Blogger template, you should have proper knowledge of Scratch Blogger Template Designing. If you need to covert single page website template to Blogger template then it is very simple.

How to convert any website template in Blogger template?

  1. Login your Blogger account.
  2. Go to "Template" tab.
  3. Scroll down and click two times on "Revert to classic templates".
  4. Press CTRL+A and press BACKSPACE button.
  5. Now copy your static or other website template source codes and just paste in the box.
  6. And click on save template.
  7. If website is not working properly it mean you should edit file path (.jpg, .png, .css and .js) with source URL.
If you really want to become a professional Blogger template designer the use Template Toaster or Artisteer software. If you want to convert your any website template into Blogger template, write that website URL and your email ID. Its 100% free service.

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