Learn to design Wordpress Templates

Hello friends, this is Vishal Jaiswal, here I am going to introduce you to design a Wordpress theme or template for your website. We know that Wordpress CMS is a very famous website platform  CMS where you can share your blog's contents like videos, images, text etc. 

Basic Knowledge of designing for Wordpress Template.

First we should have the knowledge of the basic programming of HTML and CSS. Now, what is HTML? HTML is the basic language of the website designing. HTML is the startup language and basic terminology to design a website. Now second one is, what is CSS? CSS is the basic terminology to provide color style, proper design, proper layout of the website template. Without CSS, you can't provide a proper layout of websites so before designing of the Wordpress template. First we have to know the HTML and CSS language. To learn the CSS and HTML language the best website tutorial points are w3school.in. Through Google search, we can go with many website and free PDF books to learn these languages. 

For Non-Professional Designer / Newbie / Non-Skilled 

If you have no idea. If you have no knowledge of the languages of CSS and HTML. Then don't worry. You can go with two software, these too software will help you to design your Wordpress templates. Because that one is the best option for a non-professional website designers or website builders.
  1. The first software is Template Toaster that one is the famous website designer software, which help you to design the website template for blogger, WordPress and HTML5 websites.
  2. Second one is known as Artisteer, through this software, web designer can design their website template for Wordpress and for more more platforms also.
So here, I am going to tell you if you have any kind of problem in designing of Wordpress templates. Then, please comment or right below in comment box. I will reply you as soon as possible.
Thank you!
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