Know here about Android One (Android 8.0)

Android 8.0 (Android One)
Android 8.0 (Android One)
Last year Android has launched its Nougat version. After that Google is now preparing to launch another new version of Android. Let me tell you that on 17th May an Event of Google will be organized. Reports say that Android's new version of Android One can be launched at the Google I / O event. There are also some features of iOS that can be seen. At the same time, the news is coming out that Google can launch it with the developer preview version.

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone 

Google can launch pixel 2 smartphones this year, which can be given Android One. Pixel 2's direct combat will be with the iPhone 8. In such a report, Google can provide some features like iOS. There will be a text copy feature, in which, when users start typing from one place to another, then the first thing will be copied automatically to that place. This feature is already in iOS. At the same time, it is not clear whether the new version of Android will be a virtual keyboard or not.

iOS features in Android phone

Let us know that there is such a feature in iOS where if the address is sent to the iPhone from the iPhone, then it will open directly in the map when clicked in the other phone. This feature can be brought to Android One. According to the reports, off-screen gesture feature can also be offered in the next Android.
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