Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts for High Traffic. How to write SEO friendly blog post? Tips and tricks to write SEO friendly blog post. Use the keyword in the right place in the post. Must include keywords in the article or post permalink.

How to write SEO friendly blog post?

If you have your own website or blog. So, you will often have to search for SEO on the Internet. Often there is a question in mind that what is SEO? And how it works.

What is SEO? I have already told on this website. Today, I will tell you that how SEO friendly posts are made for your blog.

If you are a blogger or you write an article on others blogs. So it is very important for you to have a good SEO knowledge in today's time. 

Tips and tricks to write SEO friendly blog post

Before choosing the topic, keep these meditations carefully.

First of all, the question comes on which subject you are going to write an article. Whenever you go to write articles on a topic. Prior to that, search on the Internet on that topic so that you can find out how the article has been written in the top ten on other websites on that topic.

Now by reading the top ten articles well and keeping the headings in place in the article, seeing how well the lines are different from each other. Take a look at all of these things specially. By doing this you will know that the search engine keeps the type of article on the top result.

Be careful of the selection of keywords

The second thing is that whenever you are going to write an article on any topic, do not copy from anywhere from any other website. If you do this then it will be your biggest mistake. Because the search engine's algorithm has become so advanced that it will immediately recognize your article in accordance with the copyright content rule and will push your blog's ranking significantly behind the search result.

Use the keyword in the right place in the post.

The third thing is that you want to focus on the topics that you want to pay special attention, which means that the search result will be included in the heading and row. It is very important to do this and it is necessary to use that topic or keyword near about  5% in the article. By doing so, the search engine will feel that the article you wrote is made on the that topic.

Must include keywords in the article or post permalink.

After writing your article very carefully, make the permalink of that article carefully and include your keywords in that link. Please use the description as there is a presentation in front of the search engine in short summary of your article. Be sure to use it, because using it, the search engine will easily understand your article and try to get it to the search result as soon as possible.

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