About WordPress web hosting and domain name. How to make a blog on WordPress? WordPress startup and hosting information.

About WordPress

Hello friends, welcome to this website. Today I'm going to tell you about WordPress. Today I will tell you on this website what is WordPress and what are its benefits?

Friends, if you want to create your own blog or to create a website. So the best option for you will be WordPress because it is an open source content management system i.e. can edit or modify it in any way you want. Which you can run quite easily.

WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Open Source

If We talk about Open Source Content Management System in Worldwide. WordPress is the most commonly used open source content management system. Through which you can create your own blog or website. And you can manage in the way that way.

WordPress Web hosting

To use WordPress, you will need a domain name. And it is very important to take web hosting together. If you are starting, i.e. you are new in the blogging field. So you can use free hosting as I have given the name of the website of free hosting below. You can select any of these and register them there.
  1. www.freehosting.com
  2. www.000webhost.com
  3. www.x10hosting.com

Domain name (.com, .in, .net, .org etc.)

You will get free Web hosting. But it is very important to take your domain name. You can not create your website without it. I am telling a few websites below. Where you can go and buy domain names.
  1. www.bigrock.com
  2. www.godaddy.com

Domain Name and Web Hosting

After buying a domain name, you have to connect that domain to web hosting. When domains and web hosting connect to each other. Then after that we install the WordPress CMS on it. After installing, we create a user ID and password and the same user ID password comes in to log on to our WordPress and it also works for managing.

Friends today in this post we guys know what is WordPress? And how does it work? I hope. You would love this information. If you like this information well So please comment below in comment box and if you have any kind of question in your mind. Please write down inside the comment box below. We will answer your question as soon as possible.
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