What is Hard Drive? And How does it work in computer? Application and Importance of Hard Drive on Laptop. What is External Hard Drive? What is SSD?

Application and Importance of Hard Drive on Laptop

Whenever you save any file on your computer, that file save on your computer's Hard Drive, if you have interest in parts of the computer you should definitely read about the hard drive.

In this article I will give you full information about the Hard Disk.

What is the hard drive?

Hard Drive - Hard Disk or HDD is the same thing, it's a physical disk that we use to store all kind of data like videos, images, documents etc in our computer.

The difference between hard disk and RAM is that the hard disk is the thing which comes for data storing purpose, but RAM comes in handy to run the things stored in that storage.

When we turn off the computer, any thing that is found in the RAM gets cleared. But in HDD the computer does not erase when the computer closes.

Check this:
There is a disk rotation inside the hard disk, the faster the disk is faster, the data can be stored or read faster. We measure hard disk rotation speed in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Most of the hard disks are 5400 rpm or 7200 rmp, obviously 7200 rmp's hard disk is faster than 5400 rmp.
Why does Hard Disk Slow happen?

Whenever we store the data on the Hard Disk, it is stored in pieces, and many times those pieces go into different parts of the Hard Disk. When there is a lot of data then in our hard disk, our computer has a little difficulty in finding things in the hard disk, due to which it gets slows down.

If you have to keep the hard disk fast, then from time to time, you should continue defragmenting hard disk with your computer's software. By defragment, all the pieces of files continue to come together instead of being at different places, and our computer does not have any problems in finding files on the hard disk.

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What is External Hard Drive?

External hard drive is exactly like our computer's hard drive, just the difference is that the external HDD is externally used by USB post on our computer.

Due to the USB connect, external HDD works slightly slow than the internal HDD.The advantage of External HDD is that you can take anything with you. 

What is SSD?

  1. There is a diskette in Hard Disk, but there is a chip in SSD, no audio drive in it. 
  2. Due to not having a physical rotational drive, the speed of the SSD is that the speed of the Solid State Drive is multiplied by the speed of the HDD. 
  3. But the problem is that SSD is very expensive due to its internal texture. 
  4. SSD takes very little power to run and is fast. 
  5. For this reason, today's sophisticated ultrabooks comes with SSD. Like SSD comes already in SSD's Macbook Air.
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