Importance of RAM on Mobile or Laptop

When we talk about Mobile or Laptop, we definitely ask about RAM. But what is RAM? - "More RAM means more speed" Yes you are right but what does RAM mean?

Random-Access-Memory of RAM is the most important part of any computer or device. Many people know that RAM is used to speed up the speed of computer or smartphones but they do not know much about it. RAM is such an important thing that I thought, write an article about it.

I think that this is a very interesting topic, after learning that you will get more information about computer working.

The computer has 2 types of memory.
The first kind of memory is that it can keep the data secure when it is not connected to work or power, such as our Pen Drive, Internal Memory or Hard Disk. This is also called physical storage.

The second kind of memory is that from which power is removed, all data is lost, this memory is called RAM.

There is another part in our mobile/laptop processor that you have heard - Dual Core, Quad Core. The processor is like a brain, it controls the entire system, from where to stand and where to put it. But the processor can run only those things that happen in RAM.

Generally, RAM is low and internal memory is many times more than that. When you run an app, it is a transfer from your mobile phone to the internal memory of RAM and then go to RAM and run through the processor.

RAM and Hard Disk

I would like to explain how RAM and Hard Disk works with 2 boxes. Take the example of a mobile.

1.Apply mobile switch OFF. So there is no power in RAM, so that's empty. And the data of all apps is in internal memory.

2. As soon as you turn on the mobile, your OS means that KitKat or Lolipop is loaded, it is loaded because the whole system runs on it. And as well as the necessary apps like Phone Calling are also loaded.
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