How can you make money online through your website or blog?

You must have read or seen thousands of articles on making money online. Many of those articles are very useful and they have some really good points on this topic but there are also many of them which are not correct and there are many scams related to them. There are a number of websites in this world which are befooling the people and making money through scams. You must read properly about the history, the work, the people etc. of the website or the company where you are going to put your money.

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There are, however, many legitimate ways through which one can make money online. Here, in this article, you'll be reading only about the legitimate ways of making money online.

The internet has evolved a lot from last 15 years. There has been a great increase in the number of websites, online companies, blogs, video marketing etc.. There are many people who are supporting their family through their online earnings. Making money online is not an easy task. Although, you have many options present today but still making 'quick' money online is not at all possible. It needs hard work. If you see any advertisement or any link that says that you can make money in a day or you can make money very quickly then it is generally a hoax or a scam.

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There are many options through which, if you put your hard work, you can earn handsome amount of money. Let us discuss some of the major ways through which you can make money online.  You can also read about the ways through which you can earn money with Amazon Affiliation Marketing.

5 Ways to make money (earning) online:

1. Sell products online and earn money

This has become a very famous way of earning money in the last 7-8 years. There are many online marketing websites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. on which you can register as a seller and then you can sell your products at your own price, keeping in mind the competitive market price. After you are done with registration, you just have to present it in a very nice way in front of the buyers on the website by writing the description of the product, uploading the picture, etc.

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This is one of the most simple ways of making money and also making your brand online. When people will start buying your product, they will come to know about it and your brand will get the publicity and plus you're getting the money on each of the product sales. So, if you create anything, you have the talent to make different products which are useful for the people, then you must use the online selling platforms to sell your products.

2. Establish a Blog and earn money through affiliation and Advertisement

This is also a very famous way through which people are making good money all over the world. If you want to share your knowledge, if you know something that you feel is unique and will be very useful for others then you must start your own blog. You should start writing about it. Soon, you'll have your followers and readers. The best way to earn through a Blog is by Google Adsense. If you have a Google Adsense account on your name then you can earn money by putting an advertisement on your blog. You can also earn through affiliate marketing, which is an effective way to make good money. By reviewing any product or brand through your article on your blog is also one of the ways to earn money through blogging.

Again, I would say that all these things need intense hard work and dedication because the more you give time to your blog, the more traffic it will have.

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3. YouTube (Create videos and upload them and earn through Adsense)

Whenever you watch any video on YouTube, you must have seen many advertisements on the video or at the starting of the video. So, basically, YouTube is a very famous platform for making money. If you have your own YouTube channel (which is a very easy task) then you must make videos which are original and not copied from anywhere or taken from any other videos. It should be your video, shot by your camera and you must have a copyright of that video. There is a misconception that YouTube pays the money on the basis of the number of subscribers one have on his/her channel. NO! If you are regularly uploading video on YouTube, the videos you are uploading are original and regularly it is being watched by a large number of people then YouTube will start paying you for the advertisements or you will be paid for the product review etc. on your videos. You must have a Google AdSense account. You can upload lecture videos, funny videos, facts video, etc.. Even a person who is a great cook can upload videos related to cooking and can earn money.

4. As a Freelancer Writer (Earning by professional article writing)

Some people write really well. They give and share their articles to famous websites and earn as the freelancer. Isn't that amazing that you're earning for writing something you are good at and that too from your home? For starting a career as a freelancer, you must make your online profile on LinkedIn etc. and that profile has to  interesting.

If you have the talent to write well, then there are many sites which pay really well for every accepted post. The payment on most of the site is according to the pay per word basis. Some famous freelancers are earning around $1-$2 per word for their articles. There are many websites which have their fixed payment. Some of the famous websites for the freelancers are Up work, Craiglist,, etc..

5. Survey or Test products on websites

There are many websites that pay you by taking their surveys or by reviewing their products. Again, I'll warn you that there are many websites which are not legitimate and they are scams. So, be aware of that. There are many which pay you just for signing up to them. Although, these earnings will not make you very rich and you cannot support your family with it but it is one of the best ways to earn some extra bucks and who doesn't need some extra bucks in life? Some of the famous websites which are not fake and are legitimate and pay you the money for the surveys and reviews are IZEA, Swagbucks, ProjectPayday, etc.

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So these are some cool ways to add some extra money in your life. If you are ready to put your hard work and dedication then surely you can earn the money that you've never expected. It's just about how well you handle your work online and how much time you're giving to it?

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