Important Blogging Tools

Important Blogging Tools: While traditional forms of marketing – like TV, printed and radio ads – are still reasonably popular, marketers are slowly moving their attention towards digital marketing. As a matter of fact, according to the latest State of Marketing report from Salesforce, by 2021, marketers will spend 75% of their budget on digital, versus traditional marketing.

We all know, just as Bill Gates told us more than 20 years ago, that “Content is King.” However, once you start creating quality content and posting it on your site, what should be your next step? Wait for the audience to discover it? Well, not exactly. While a certain percentage of your audience will find your content naturally, you have to think of ways to amplify it, so that it reaches the right people.

Luckily, you have a number of tools available today that will help you deliver your content to your target demographic at the right time.

Top 4 Distribution Tools for Blog

1. SimpleReach

SimpleReach is a content distribution tool that helps you identify, and subsequently publish content that is guaranteed to drive maximum traffic to your website or blog, through various social media platforms. You have The Slide – Simple Reach’s primary product, which features only the most shared content you have in your archives and persuades users to share them. One of the more distinctive features the distribution tool offers is audience targeting that is primarily used to showcase your best content on popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc.

2. Taboola

This is a simple content discovery platform that helps publishers get more traffic to their sites and businesses improve their lead generation by getting their articles recommended by some of the biggest publishers on the Internet. Taboola works like this – once you submit your links, the platform’s algorithm matches the articles with one of the hundreds of premium sites like NBC, USA Today, Time, and much more. And whenever a visitor clicks on your article, it is showcased through Facebook, YouTube or other 3rd-party sites.

3. Xink

So what is Xink? Well, it’s an email signature software that helps you leverage your email signature and in turn, improve the visibility of your content. But the real question is – how can you use your email signature to distribute your content? It’s actually quite easy – all you need to do is include the link to your content in your signature and improve its visibility among your subscribers. And if you manage to create a huge contact database, you’ll be able to make an enormous impression for your content.


Stay up-to-date and keeping track of everything can be, though, in fact, it’s practically impossible to do dozens (in some cases even hundreds) of email and blog subscriptions, and keep a tab on them. But that’s why Dharmesh Shah and Rand Fishkin started – a feed where marketers can read about things that matter the most to them, share new ideas and enter discussions. And thanks to the ever-growing community, you can get answers to questions from an expert in basically any domain.

Final Thoughts on Tools

You have to understand that content marketing isn’t only about creating great content – it’s also about what happens to your content after you post it online. In other words, if you want your content to reach a broad audience, you need to have the proper distribution.

With these tools, you’ll have to worry less about delivering your articles, infographics, and videos to the most targeted audience. Also, it’s worth mentioning that in some countries you might need a VPN to access some of these tools so it would be smart to get a good Virtual Private Network, like PureVPN.

Once you implement some of these tools, you’ll be able to focus on producing more high-quality content for your target demographic and feed them only with relevant content at an appropriate time. Therefore, get ready to feature your articles on high-authority sites and leverage your content to its maximum potential. By Michael Conley.

I hope everything is clear. If you have any problem regarding with Blogging tools. Then, please comment below in comment box.
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