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Search Engine Optimization FAQ: Link Building is very important for any blog, but Bad Badlinks is just as bad for any blog. Bad Backlinks or Unnatural Backlinks are those links that you have unknowingly created by others or bots. These can be very harmful to your blog because the authority of the blog decreases. Therefore, it is very important to get out of the blog from time to time.

You should know how to make High Quality Backlink so that you do not accidentally create bad backlinks.

Some people use black hat SEO techniques in their rounds to quickly rank their blogs so that they get a good result for some time but if we talk about it for a long time then the results are very bad. Unnatural Links are mainly things like Spam links, email junk, promotion based. Which gradually build up and reduces both your blog's reputation and ranking.

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If you have information about SEO, then you know that the backlink plays an important role in it, but if there is bad link or unnatural backlinks, then it can cause similar harm. So let's get to know about Bad Backlinks and how to remove Unnatural Backlinks process.

What are Un-natrural Links?

Unnatural Links are those links that link to a blog or website incorrectly. These links create bots or spammers for your faye but it is very harmful to any blogger. Therefore, as far as possible, keep your blog away from these Unnatural Links.

Unnatural Links is a type of Black hat SEO technique that works for some time and later it reduces the authority of Blog. Therefore, we should all know a little bit about how to remove them.

How to Remove Un-Natural Links?

1. Collect data about your backlinks

First of all, you will need to find out that your blogs have backlinks. You must use Search Engine Optimization Tools to check your blog or website backlinks.

For this, you can use Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs Site Explorer or Regal Search Engine Optimization to get all the information about Backlinks.

You can export all these data in Spreadsheet. You can also see later. You can later classify these data in something like this: -

  1.     Site Title
  2.     Link Location / Page (where your link has been positioned)
  3.     Page Title
  4.     Anchor-text
  5.     Page Authority
  6.     Domain Authority
  7.     Content from the Link Page (Rate it from high-quality, good or poor content)
  8.     How Much difficult is to Remove Link
  9.     How much dangerous is that hyperlink
  10.     Priority

 2. Access all your Back Links

You can evaluate your backlinks on your own and can find out which links are abnormal and how dangerous. Since it is very difficult to tell which of the hyperlink it is a bit confusing, but yes, we can say what things you should keep an eye on. Here you will tell people about some similar things about which you should know a little bit.

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  1. Stay away from content with unreadable or poor content
  2. Duplicate content: You should be careful about duplicate content, for that you can copy the first sentence of that article and check it in internet. This allows you to get the right information about those contents. (Due to the fad and loss of duplicate content)
  3. Without contact details.
  4. Including links to casinos or adult sites
  5. Where your links are random place, which provides value to the specific audience.
  6. Links that are given to a fixed section such as Buddies, Partners, or Sponsors. It completely sends signals to Google that this link is compensated.

3. Remove only those things which are not required

You should take great care whenever you want to remove links from your blog. Because some things should be kept in mind while removing the link.

Your backlinks should be decorated first from high to low. You should remove the links as per the priority of the links.

This work should not be hasty at all as this may have a bad effect on your blog. You should remove the links gradually from time to time. Do not remove too many links at once.

4. You should send email to website owner.

To simplify the task of link removal, you can send an email to Website Owners, which should be in a fixed format, where you provide all the information related to the link to the owner, you request them to link those links Remove from your website The thing does not end in so much because you have to follow-up, the reply of which may take a few days to come.
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