What are the public reviews about Vivo V7 1718 (Champagne Gold)?

Public review about Vivo V7 1718 (4.5/5)

Have a IR Blaster sensor?

It has screen sharing feature. It does not have IR Blaster but you can connect your LED with phone by following the steps below:
setting >wifi-display > enable LED screen mirroring > after enable LED screen mirroring > Your LED TV name show on the V7+ screen > Click on LED name>allow though LED> then successful.

Does this phone have front flash?

The front camera has LED flash, called as Moonlight flash by Vivo. Regular flashes produce burnout or unnatural effect in your pictures in the low light. The Moonlight flash allows you to take selfie shots with natural colors even in low lightning condition.

Does it have dual app operating facility?

Yes it has a Split Screen Feature by which you can use 2 Apps at the same time on the screen.
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