Example of Internet of Things

To understand this concept better, let's take an example of this, so that you can understand it in a better way.

Example of Internet of Things. Imagine that you are lying on your couch in the morning and you have come to sleep.

In this case, the stealth sensors in your hands seem somewhat unusual in your heartrate, the mother-in-law grows, your behavior changes greatly. Therefore, instead of lifting you slowly, these machines start vibrating with big swords so that they can attract your attention to them. Your sleep breaks down in this and you try to straighten your body by holding your chest. In this you do not know what is going on with you and you move towards your phone.

As you open the screen of the mobile, you see a message on it, which says that your blood pressure has increased and it also advises you to take two aspirin. Not only this, but it also records all your signals and sends them to your doctor.

In the hospital there doctors are evaluating your data and after observation they feel that you should come to the hospital immediately and for that they electronically send an emergency medical team, who have all the data of your health condition And also the address of your home. As soon as they are near your home, you also get a message of their arrival. Immediately they take you to be hospitalized.

In the morning when the doctor comes to you, you give a happy news that your health is better now and you no longer have any need to worry. You had a severe heart attack but due to treatment in time a big problem was already stopped.

Now you must have understood how Internet of Things can make our life better.
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