Which devices can be part of IoT?

Its a very easy answer that anyone can connect with whom they can connect.

Any device, if there is a switch on and off then there are chances that they can become part of IoT. Generally speaking, it has been seen that the connected devices have an IP address with a tone. Being with Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), assigning an IP address in those devices has become very easy. Because with its help can be connected with countless devices.

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Things you can connect to with internet:

  1.     Connected Wearables - Smartwatches, Smart Glasses, fitness bands etc.
  2.     Connected Homes - This includes tools that we use at home.
  3.     Connected Cars - vehicles that can connect with the internet.
  4.     Connected Cities - smart meters which can be easily analyzed by the use of water, gas, electricity

Which we can say Operationally, such as networks within which the tools of Internet of things can be easily connected -

  1.     BAN (body area network): wearables,
  2.     LAN (local area network): smart home,
  3.     WAN (wide area network): connected car, and
  4.     VWAN (very wide area network): the smart city.
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The key to this flow is that the data here can be controlled.
Specifically, Google is offering a glass and lens that synchronizes your heath data with NEST and Google Car which tracks your location throughout the city. The idea behind all this is that you never have to leave Google Cloud and its services. Your products have only gateways to link with networks.
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