In today's time, there are many things to use that are very dangerous for our future. And because of that, there is no change in the situation on earth. It can not even be estimated. Because the time to come can be very dangerous for us too. And it can also be beneficial for us, but there can be more chaos hazards.

What Will Be Our Future, Will Our Earth Be Destroyed?

What Will Be Our Future, Will Our Earth Be Destroyed?

Because in today's time, perhaps not much progress has been made and new things are being made day by day. Both of our earth's temperature and balance are going to deteriorate. And we also know that the things that happened hundreds of years ago today are not today and which we now have, it may not be in the coming years. And in the coming time, there will be such big events on our earth that it is impossible to guess. And all these things have been searched on many scientists and they have given their different opinions. You have given yourself different facts. How the earth will be in the future or how the moon will be.

What events will happen on our land, what will be the things that will not happen today on our land? How can we have our future in the future? What is expected to happen over 10000 years or 100,000 years on Earth? We will tell you some interesting facts about this post today. Will you be surprised if you do not believe in them, but maybe in the future, something like this and that is true. And it is very important to know this information for you.

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Facts about the future of Earth:

1. Today 500 years later, the average temperature of countries like India and Africa continent will reach 43 degrees.

2. Technology upgradation should be 1000 years later Most of the languages will be lost, due to which thousands of languages which are above the earth in today's time will be limited to 100 in the coming time.

3. After 1000 years, the human being will advance to nanotechnology so much that we will start the aging process of humans, we have made a lot of progress in today's time, because in the 1900s the average age of a person 38 to 40 years and in today's time this average age has increased from 38 years to 80 years. So this proves this. That the person will live even more in the coming time, and that's why the population of the earth will be around 11 billion in that time.

4. 2000 years from today due to global warming, the average temperature of the earth will be around 80 degrees, and the ice on the North and South Pole will also melt and due to the melting of the ice, sea level of the sea will increase to 6 meters. Like Greenland's snow will start melting.

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5. On 31st December 9999, the person will be able to use his last 4 digit Dissmill calendar. And till date any software that was recording this four digit decimal calendar will stop working after this time, it will stop working after this time because the first time after 9999, the year will start in 5 digits.

6. Today, after 20000 years, the Chernobyl Explosion Region will eventually be free from dangerous radiation, wherein the past there was an explosion in the nuclear plant and thousands of people were killed due to this radiation.

7. After 50000 years from now, the existence of Niagara Falls will be eradicated from this world, and at the same time due to global warming, the retaining ice on Greenland will melt altogether.

8. And today 100,000 years since the titanium plate present in the laptop will start thawing and during this time there is an explosion on Earth which will be many times larger than the slight scientific explosion and at the same time, there will be a large meteorite collision with the earth. And the earth will suffer a great deal, do you know that something like the earth revolves around the sun. And in today's time, the stars and planets that we see are at that time Will look completely different in

9. Today, 500,000 years after the nuclear reaction of the nuclear reactor, it will not be harmful to human health.

10. Today, almost 1000000 years later, the entire material of the whole made of glass will be broken and destroyed, no matter how big a building or anything, all of Sarah will break down.

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11. Some scientists have researched that since today 500,00000 years, the Y chromosome found inside the men will be destroyed and if the Y chromosome ends, then the men will end on the earth.

13. 5 million years from now, due to the collision between Asia and Africa continent i.e. due to the movement of tectonic plates under the ground, the two will be interconnected and the Mediterranean Sea present between these two continents will always be under the ground Will be suppressed and the meeting between these two will be the birth of another mountain like the Himalayas.

14. 25 million years from today, due to the continence of each continent tectonic plate, together with each other, it will become a very large continent.

15. After 80 crore years from now, due to changes in our environment, our tree plants will not be able to process the photosynthesis, which will cause all the creatures above our soil to become extinct.

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