How to Submit & Verify Website/Blog on Google Search Console?

Submit & Verify Website/Blog on Google Search Console: As we know that Google search console plays the very important role to get properly index our website pages on Google search engine. Due to changing web technologies day by day, artificial intelligence is getting more and more advanced. So, today we need to do some smart work to get reliable traffic on our website to gain more and more profit.

What is Google Search Console?

Friends, if you have a website, it is important to know about Google Search Console, Google Search Console was first known as Google Webmaster Tools, You must know that Google is the world's most searched search engine, and millions of people search on it every day, and if you link the website to Google Search Console, then the web pages of your website will appear in the Google Search Engine and the traffic of your website will increase.

How to Submit and Verify Website/Blog on Google Search Console?

To know how to submit your website on the Google search engine. You need to watch this video properly to follow the steps one by one to submit the sitemap of your website and verify your website on Google search console through different methods.

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