Top 3 World Mysteries [Unsolved]

Top 3 World Unsolved Mysteries

We already know that there are many mysteries in our universe. Many of those mysteries were solved by the human with his amazing knowledge. Unveiling the actual reason behind them and made the world know them. 

Testing the human knowledge which always conducts several studies to solve every unsolved mystery. Few world mysteries were left unsolved even now without knowing the actual reasons behind them. 

Top 3 World Mysteries [Unsolved]: In this article, I am going to give you the information about the unsolved mysteries which have been challenging the scientists. 

1. Battalion

Generally, we hear about the missing cases of family members or things or children who went outside. But the entire Battalion of a country's army went disappeared... Even though it is surprising to listen, it is true. This incident took place on 12th August 1915 in Britain army. Coming to the matter... But their story started in 1908. 

King Edward VII asked his land agent Frank Beck at Sandringham palace to form a volunteer battalion. Although they were appointed as the private army men... Many people came forward to join this army voluntarily. Sir Horace Proctor Beauchamp was the Commanding Officer of this Battalion. After training them, together they formed E-Company. 

As part of the security, while fighting against Turkey... They created a huge destruction using landmines and powerful weapons. In this battled initiated at Suvla Bay, while it led to the furious conditions at last... At the same time, about 250 army men from Britain and 16 officers went disappeared suddenly. 

After the war met an end... When they inquired whether Turkey had captured them... Turkey replied that they did not capture anyone. After the war, the remaining army men came back to the government... They did not find the whereabouts of this disappeared battalion yet. 

2. Sky quakes

Everyone know that this universe is very strange. There are many who feel happy saying that everything like water, fire, air, rain, day and night seen on this are created by God... 

There are exist people who feel happy in another way saying that these are not the creation of God but the forms of mother nature. But whatever the people think, their impact is same for everyone. Although human discovered everything with his scientific knowledge... 

Few changes in nature were left unanswered. Among them, now we have to discuss the sky quakes. Generally, we saw earthquakes in the oceans and on the land. But the sky quakes appears so strange. With thunders and lightning... The sounds occur due to sky quake creates an extreme sonic boom. 

The scientists who found reasons for the sounds created by earthquakes due to disturbances in the ocean and earthquakes on the earth... They failed to find the reason how the sounds generated by the Sky quakes. 

Generally, the sounds of these Sky quakes are heard as a shock and frightening sound heard while thunder crash occurs. Even though few tried to find the reason behind their sounds in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma and the United Kingdom. They failed to find it. 

3. Missing Aircraft

While the plane crash creates fear, the aircraft that went missing creates worry. Exactly this is what has happened with Boeing 727. The jet aircraft which escaped from radars and enemy troops disappeared instead of reaching the destination and made everyone worry. 

While this jet aircraft which was taken off from America has to get several repairs done before taking off... When an American engineer named Benjamin Charles Padilla sent Boeing jet aircraft for service repairs... After fixing the issues of that aircraft, it was used for transport directly without a trial. 

As the jet aircraft has taken off with its lights off and its transponder not transmitting... After travelling some distance, the aircraft went disappeared. What happened to that? Nobody knows whether it was crashed or missed yet. This is the information about the unsolved world mysteries. To know few more interesting facts...

Guest Post by: Wowsoamaze
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