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Unbelievable Facts About Joseph Stalin (Russia)
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He was the dictator of the Soviet Union (formerly East Russia). After the death of the founder of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin (1924), Stalin became the leader of the Union. Unbelievable Facts About Joseph Stalin (Russia). Gradually, he suppressed all his political opponents and became the supreme dictator of the Soviet Union. In order to establish communist rule in the country and to implement development works, Stalin resorted to strict discipline and military force, due to which more than 2 million Russian citizens were killed.

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Let us tell you some interesting facts about this cruel and harsh dictator Josef Stalin -

Interesting facts about Joseph Stalin

1. Where did Joseph Stalin live? He was born on 8 December 1878 in Gori city of Georgia. Georgia is a country located in the south of Russia, which once used to be part of the Soviet Union.

2. Stalin was born in a poor family and his childhood name was Losif Jughashvili.

3. Stalin became smallpox at the age of 7. Smallpox was cured in some way, but Stalin skin behind him left the stain of life.

4. Stalin was sent to a church in childhood so that he could become a pastor by studying. But instead of studying in the cathedral, he was too busy fighting and roaming with his classmates.

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5. Upon reaching the age of 19, Stalin was impressed with Karl Marx's communist ideas and he joined the Bolshevik rebels, whose aim was to bring a revolution in Russia under Lenin's leadership. The objective of the Russian Revolution was to establish a communist government by eliminating the monarchy in the country and in order to bring economic equality to the country.

6. Stalin also led many strikes and riots to the success of the revolution. He also looted many banks and raised many other crimes to raise funds for the revolt. Soon Stalin became one of Lenin's top leaders.

7. When the Russian Revolution succeeded in 1917, then government of Bolshevik rebels led Lenin came to power soon. Stalin was one of the big leaders of the government.

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8. When Lenin died in 1924, some leaders of the Communist Party began to struggle for greater control over the government. In this struggle, Joseph Stalin finally succeeded and soon became the supreme dictator of Russia.

9. When Stalin came to power, he had murdered his opponents.

10. Stalin initiated the first five-year plan in 1928 for the development of the country, with three main objectives - making the cultivation from the individual to the collective, the establishment of industries and the improvement of the lives of the third workers.

11. Stalin introduced the new industrial revolution in the country to strengthen the Soviet Union. He turned the country's economy into agriculture from industrialization. Electricity production increased in Turkey to develop industries Many new factories were established in the country, which helped the Soviet Union to fight against Germany in World War II.

12. Stalin's development work has resulted in a huge increase in literacy rates in Russia. At the time of the Russian Revolution where only 21% of the people had been educated, the figure increased to 90% in 1937. Primary education in the country was made free and compulsory. More emphasis was placed on scientific and technical education.

13. Stalin crushed the rebellions during his reign with great cruelty. In 1936, he sentenced 13 Russian leaders to life imprisonment because they were accused of conspiring to murder Stalin.

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14. At the beginning of World War II in 1939, Stalin first decided to go in favor of Germany. But when Germany invaded Russia in 1941, Stalin had to seek the help of the United States and Britain.

15. Russia defeated Germany with the help of the United States and Britain. Stalin occupied some regions of Europe occupied by Germany, and who became new countries, made them mean government. This started the Cold War between Russia and the United States.

16. How Joseph Stalin died? Stalin died on 5 March 1953. Based on new discoveries, it is believed that Stalin's fellow leaders had murdered him only. After Stalin, Georgy Malenkov became the supreme leader of the Soviet Union.

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