cPanel | Unknown Facts | Complete Details | Features: cPanel is also called control panel. cPanel software was first created by John Nick Koston, in 1997 for website hosting for speed hosting company. Today, most hosting companies give you cPanel option with web-hosting. You can also buy directly from cPanel Inc (company).

What is cPanel? Unknown Facts | Complete Details | Features. All about its features and complete information details. Role of cPanel in web hosting area.

What is cPanel? Some unknown facts about it.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides graphical interface and automation tools for simplifying website hosting operations. cPanel is also called web based hosting control panel.

The best thing about cPanel is that with the help of this web browser, website admin, re-sellers and website owner can easily administer website and server. With the help of cPanel, many website administration tasks like database, website, file and email account management can perform very easily and with simple interface. In addition, in cPanel, users can also manage DNS as well as see the website's usage and stats.

With the help of cPanel's control panel, you can manage almost every element of your hosting account, which is why it is the most popular tool for web hosting platform, due to which many hosting providers prefer cPanel and when you make a hosting purchase. By using cPanel's graphical interface, the website owner can easily control and mange its website. CPanel usually runs on https of port 2083 and is open when adding "/ cpanel" to the end user's hostname.

cPanel features:

  1. Easy to steup domains, subdomain, addon domains, parked domains etc.
  2. Easy files and directories management.
  3. Connect domain names to your hosting.
  4. Set up emails account, forwarders or auto-responders.
  5. Back up your website.
  6. Easy Upload and download files.
  7. Monitor bandwidth usage and check logs.
  8. Upgrade security settings.
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