All about Meltwater Buzz engage module:

The Buzz Engage module is a plug-in, of sorts, to the existing Meltwater monitoring solution. Having ease of integration with a social media listening provider is key. 

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The Engage module is composed of a number of components: 

Social inbox : The social inbox centralizes your social media manage- ment across Twitter and Facebook into one location. You can set up alerts, immediately respond to customers, and task engagement to other members of the team. 

Social profiles : The social profiles provide you with a brand senti- ment score, engagement and communications history, external social profiles, a network map of who the person is connected to, and the ability to custom tag and segment interactions.

Contact database : The contact database is exactly what it sounds like: a listing of all your social interactions. You can sort the database by rank, reach, and social channel, and you can view heat maps of contacts by region. 

Social action : Based on the conversations you have identified mentioning the brand, you can directly engage with a customer on Facebook or Twitter. 

Social calendar : The social calendar enables you to view all the mes- sages that have been sent and those that are scheduled for the future. You can use the social calendar, you can also post to Twitter and Facebook very easily. 

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Focused view : Using heat map technology, you can see where interac- tions are taking place in a certain region by topic. Multi-account : You can manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages from the Engage module. 

Engagement metrics : With this component, you can understand what content is working, determine who is engaging with the brand most often, discover who is retweeting content the most, and track your brand's impressions. 

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This platform is one of the few that crosses the line between enterprise solution and small business solution. Meltwater has listening solutions that work for all sizes of businesses, and the Engage module is easy to use with those services. 

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